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Book Review for Enterrador by Ambere Sabo

Enterrador (Silent Sons MC #3) - Ambere Sabo


What a great tale we love hearing Adan's story before he became a Villainous Drug Cartel Cartel Boss.

I loved seeing the cared free man so in love with his women Alex.Alex was everything good and kind and pure sunshine to his very dark soul and even darker world.To all looking at him he had the perfect life and wife and family and a baby on the way but, Adan was keeping secrets that Alex wasn't privy to and they were very dark indeed.All is not what it seems....

Alex was definitely Adan's soul mate and also his ultimate weakness but, also what lead to his downfall.

Adan truly shows us what set him on the path to become the Villainous monster he has become today.The story was filled with love and violence,retribution,punishments and retaliations, earth shattering heartbreak, betrayals and a story filled with a ton of darkness that now lives in ones heart that was once filled with a ton of love.

Overall this was a gripping tale that was a page turner that was filled with so many twists and turns you had to love it to the very end.


Book Review for Mythic by Ambere Sabo A Silent Sons MC Series

Mythic (Silent Sons MC #5) - Ambere Sabo


Mythic and Snoopy
Wow ! I loved this current tale from cover to cover !This tale was action packed from beginning to end not only that it was a heart wrenching tale as well as one that definitely tugged on ones emotions.
Mythic character was one that was brave and strong and intelligent, one who was a survivor and one willing to give her life for another just because it was the right thing to do.
Snoopy has been a loner and the clubs hacker and security expert but, one look at Mythic and spending time with her he immediately new she was the one for him .
This tale was wrought with so much suspense a whole lot of betrayals,assassins,murder,family complications and a drug cartel family riddled with nothing but, complications.Did I say secrets ? Well there was a ton of them along with a ton of surprises.It was a engrossing and a gripping tale that kept us turning the pages the entire time.
I loved that fact that the MC family rallied with the enemy to take out a bigger enemy to help a women who they had all come to love.Mythic was a women worth saving and one that was special and one with a very huge earth shattering secret.Did I say the story was riddled with Villian's too ?
We loved the story as well as its character's they were all amazing even the sadistic ones.The story was also about making amens and making changes and also about forgiveness.I have to say the ending was explosive and surprising and one that had you wanting to dive right into the next book in the series just to see what will happen next.This is definitely one of my top favorite reads in this series its running neck and neck with Cessy.
Recommended read to all !
I also recommend the series it's really good and so enjoyable.


Book Review for Out of the Flames ( Firemen Do It Better Series) by Leah Sharelle

Out of the Flames: Firemen Do It Better - Leah Sharelle


Let's start off by saying that I am really loving this new series.I am so loving the character's of this series as they are simply amazing and "oh", so love-able.Dylan and Tate were the perfect couple and definitely soul mates.We loved seeing this couple together they we fun and flirty and so in love even after being together for 10 years and still on the newly wed high even ten years later whats more, they were smoking hot together.
This story was packed with a ton of heat! All I can say is "I want a Dylan for myself  wrapped up in a big red bow giggles!" Holy hotness ! that men was sex on a stick.
We loved Dylan the most he was our favorite this time around.We found him to be loving and compassionate and fun and had a sense of humor and sexy as sin but, most of all we loved how much he was in love with his women as she was his whole world and he lived a breathed her but,really vise versa.
We loved how Dylan and Tate first met as time and time again he thanked her room-mate out loud for trying to burn down there apartment .One look into her eyes and he walked up to her and said "MINE"! any they were together literally from the day they met.
Favorite quote- 
“What did I do to deserve you?” Laughing, I cuddled her closer to me. “Your idiot roommate accidentally burned your house down, and you looked at me with those amazingly hypnotic eyes of yours and ruined me for anyone else.”
I have to say that I loved Carson and Lake'
s story but, this current story just jumped to the top of my favorites in this on going series.The hotter the better and "oh", boy this book was just that.
Overall all we loved this story from beginning to end.The story was filled with hotness and love and angst and heartbreak but, it was also fun and flirty. The story made us laugh as well as cry and I have to say the story effected us emotionally right down to our bones.My heart bleed for this couple and the tragedy they endured but, most of all you actually felt the pain this couple was experiencing their pain as a couple and individually and it was excruciating.
We just loved this touching tale and it definitely goes into the keeper pile to be re-read time and time again.This author has a knack for creating amazing character's because each and everyone of them we can't help but love.
Recommended read to all !



Book Review for Rocket by Lilly Atlas

Rocket (Hell's Handlers MC #5) - Lilly Atlas


Omg ! Omg ! Omg! This series just keeps getting better and better! Holy hotness! What a roller-coaster this read was as it was heart wrenching,suspenseful,twisty,erotic,heartfelt ,tragic and about healing and forgiveness and had a great cast of amazing characters who are fun and who love to tease each other as well get under each other skin but, in a loving  and caring way.Can you say "always up in your Biz" ,that goes for the men as well as the women.The old ladies in this series are a hoot!.The old ladies also are loving and caring and amazingly strong women but, time and time again one sticks out the most and that is Izzy she just rocks!Izzy is it a tell it like it is gal,fierce,loyal and a total bada** and "we just love her !" I have a feeling Chloe is going to give Izzy a run for her money when it comes to bada** old ladies.
Chloe was simply amazing and strong and brave and it was tragic what happened to her but, she has risen above it and has found her own unique way of dealing with her pain.We saw this women blossom through out this entire story and perhaps Logan may have gotten her on the right path to healing and helping her to put her past behind her.Chloe did all the hard work ,then Jigsaw and Izzy set her on yet another path that helped her deal with her anxiety and she became more focused and started to dig deep down and dig in.We loved her and every attempt she made to challenge herself, "some who say it was another stepping stone to her recovery in the right direction." "Let's just say the gloves came on then came off!" lol
I loved Logan aka Rocket from the onset of the story.Logan was one bad boy who was scary,dark dangerous,sexy as sin, but, also caring and loving and compassionate as well as very protective of those he loved and let's not forget brutey .I loved his interactions with Chloe it was almost if he was another person with her and not anything like the Logan we have come to know and loved but, we loved seeing his compassionate and loving side all out in full force and let's just say we love how he got creative with Chloe in order to help her heal. Most of all you got to love the guy for the sacrifices that man was making to his pride in order to do so.Let's just saying we were laughing out loud time and time again but, patting him on his back for his cleverness.
This was also one totally hot sexy read!Chloe was everything Logan/Rocket needed in his life and in his bed.I loved that Chloe was drawn more to Logan even more so after she leaned all his secrets and the thing he thought made him un -love -able and unworthy is what she loved most about the hot and sexy man.Who would not want a hot possessive and dangerous man in your corner after everything you went through?Chloe was no fool.....
Overall we loved this tale as it made you laugh and cry and was suspenseful and full of romance and it never had a dull moment and it was full of hot sexy scenes that kept you engrossed in the pages and turning them right from the very beginning and we could not put the book down until it was finished.We loved all the twists and turns the story took as well.We also loved how much all the characters were featured in this current tale"We loved revisiting with them!".Maverick he always makes us laugh and he did that time and time again this time around.One thing we loved most about this tale is you felt the love they all have for one another throughout this entire story and that always makes the story a whole lot of fun and touching as well!
This one is definitely a keeper !
A recommended read to all as well as the entire series!
One of out favorite MC authors for sure !



Book Review for Eli's Triumph by Joanna Wylde

Eli's Triumph (Reapers MC #6.7) - Joanna Wylde


Wow ~! What a cute story ! This current tale was filled with a ton of laughs.Peaches and Eli have a past and grew up together with the same man looking over them but, from the moment they met he became her Nemesis .Though-out the years Peaches and Eli's relationship remained that way but, there was always this underlying current of sexual tension and desire.
We actually enjoyed the story as it was fun and flirty and had a great cast of characters and more that a few betrayals but, all is explained and desires explored.The story was filled with love and forgiveness and all about second chances and writing the wrongs of ones past making you into a better man but, also showing someone you loved them more than life itself and will protect you with everything they have even of those deeds are done from afar .
We loved both Eli and Peaches they made a cute couple and just perfect for each other Peaches the saucy minx and Eli the biker bad boy who has know problem expressing his love for his women even if he goes about it in is own quirky ways and has no problem wanting to be owned by this women in every way. 
 "We loved it !"
4 stars


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Book Review for Miles by Lane Hart and D.B. West

Miles (Savage Kings MC #8) - Lane Hart, D.B. West



Let's start off by saying that we really are enjoying this series and the character's in this series they are a whole lot of fun and we could not help but fall in love with each and everyone of them.
Miles is the total enigma and a super hot bad boy biker bada**.I loved him from the onset of the story as he really made me laugh time and time again because he didn't have a clue what to do with wife.Leave it to Miles to get a mail order bride. lol  We loved seeing Mile's struggle with his emotions as they were all new to him as all he has known is dark thoughts yet, Kira is causing him to have a spring in his step an others are noticing.
Kira was just a sweetheart.She was brave and beautiful and strong and determined.Although she looks sweet and innocent she is anything but so it doesn't surprise me when she keeps her cool when things start to heat up and start to go wrong for her and Miles.I found Kira to be a bada** in the making.
Overall this was a really enjoyable story as it was packed with suspense,had a great cast of characters ,had a ton of heat and more than a few surprises and we loved it.I just love stories like this because I loved how all the MC members rallied together and worked with each other and allied a mafia kin pin to takeout a threat that had become a common enemy for the sake of a brother.Let's not forget the old ladies they are just a hoot and bada**es in their own right ! 
Favorite quotes 
“Our men think we’re fragile females who freak out over the smallest thing. The truth is, it takes a strong woman to bring a King to his knees, but once he’s there, he’ll treat you like a queen and do anything for you.”
“My boys are stronger swimmers than yours.”“Your boys probably carry AK-47s and wear bandanas,” Chase says with a chuckle. “I bet they blew right through that pussy like it was a hostile takeover.”
Another great read that goes into the keeper pile .Be sure to check out the other books in this ongoing series as they are amazing as well.

Book Review for Choosing the Hart: A Love Triangle Romance Dani René

Choosing the Hart - Dani René


I am not really sure what to say about this story because I really enjoy this author normally but, for me this time around I am going to say this story was not for me and I really hate saying that.


This story sexual wise was super hot and I can't believe I am saying this but, this story had way to much sex and not enough plot and what plot for me just didn't do it for me.The story itself was fan worthy and had a Fifty Shades of Grey Vibe to it .

There was no doubt the Tristion and Bash characters in this story were super hot and sexy as sin but, there was not one character I actually liked.I thought all the characters were way to immature and wishy washy and not one character had any kind of loyalty.




I just could not get into this story.I understood Emily being caught between two men and having feelings for each other and whats was more estranged brothers complicates things and I can definitely understand the attraction because both of them could lend something different to a relationship and could not be more different but, from the onset of the story it was clear Emily was into kink and submissive and only Tristion was going to satisfy her needs sexually in the bedroom.The other thing that I didn't like how the whole stalker ex husband thing played out the author could have drawn that whole situation out more making the story more intense and suspenseful and not only that Tristion was the one looking into the whole matter of the ex husband and has been doing everything he can do to protect her and keep her safe and the brother ends up being the hero of the story? wth


Overall all we are just going to say that this story was not for me.I love the whole love triangle twist normally and loved the erotica sex scenes and its no doubt this author can right some hot sexy scenes but, It was just the characters I just could not get into.Here Tristion was the big wig ceo and I just felt he was just just as childish as Emily was and every time Tristion said or did something she didn't like she went running into Bash arms seeking comfort when all along knowing the bad blood between the brothers not only that she keeps saying she is in love with Tristion yet betraying him at every turn for choosing to seek out him in the first place .The other thing that bothered me is the fact that Emily never once took into consideration was her actions and what it would do to her job that she was good at and successful at because it was bad enough screwing the boss but, your pitting brother against brother is that really the wise choice?


I am the odd man out here as many others really loved this story but, that's okay we can't love them all but, there have been many stories by this author I throughly enjoyed.

Book Review for Twisted with Chaos by Hayley Faiman

Twisted with Chaos (Cash Bar #5) - Hayley Faiman


 Let's start off by saying we are really loving this series and that Hayley is a favorite author for us and we love anything she writes and she never disappoints and we loved yet another tale she has written for us as the story had an amazing cast of characters for us to love and fall in love with all over again.

This was yet another emotional and heart felt read that was filled with tons of emotion and drama,a ton of regrets,challenges,surprises,self sacrifices and a whole lot of danger.

Roxie and Tanner have been struggling with their relationship for sometime and a lot of it has to do with her mental illness and feeling as though she is not good enough for Tanner but, that doesn't stop her from loving the man but, in her process to protected him she is destroying him while doing so.We loved that their relationship was challenged at every turn it just made the fight to fine their way back to each all the much harder and all the more complicated and all the more sweeter and we just loved that.

We loved this touching heart wrenching tale and we saw that love can help overcome more obstacles than you think and that it is possible if you just believe enough in the love you that have for one another it a love worth saving. Are you strong enough to whether the storms in order to keep it ? This couples journey road was a rocky one but, we were rooting for them from the onset of the story to see if they were going to be able to achieve their happily ever afters.

Another gripping tale that kept us engrossed and turning the pages to the very end.


Book Review F- Bomb by Lani Lynn Vale

F-Bomb (Bear Bottom Guardians MC #9) - Lani Lynn Vale


I really enjoyed this story it was fun and flirty and had a bit of suspense and as usual had a cast of really great characters that we throughly enjoyed.
I really loved the romance that developed between Slate & Harleigh and I love how the story started off with some of a love & hate relationship infused with a lot of humor and a whole lot of teasing and a few pranks.
I loved how the romance developed between these two characters as both of them had quirks and a whole lot of chemistry.
As the story unfolded we saw Slate adjusting to the life on the outside but, what I loved most about Slate was his honesty and taking responsibility for the things that landed in prison and how he owned that sh**.
Harleigh was just a whole lot of fun and she made us laugh time and time again. Harleigh is a tell it like it is kind of girl and is dealing with her own demons but, between the two of them talking and courtship and falling in love they are both working through their issues and it doesn't take long for either of them to fall hard for one another.
Overall we love it as it had a great cast of characters and we got to see more of the MC family this time interacting with Slade and Harleigh and re-connecting and forging new friendships.The story was had humor and suspense and more then a few surprises and we just loved that.What we loved most is this couple had a connection to one another from the very beginning even when they were snapping at each other but, they were perfect together as they had a lot of common goals and some major heat between the two.We loved the story and read it from beginning to end in one sitting but, that always happens with a Lani Lynn Vale book "we just love her!"

Kindle Amazon Us link 

Release Tour Defending Sophie by PJ Fiala

Defending Sophie - Special Forces: Operation Alpha (GHOST #1) - P.J. Fiala


Let's start off by saying this was our first read by this author and we throughly enjoyed our first read by them.
The story had you enmeshed in the story right from the beginning as it started off with a bang and drew you right in.The story was suspenseful and intriguing and one twisted plot that kept us glued to the pages the entire time.
Loved Sophie and Gaige and Hawk they made a great team.We loved the suspenseful story that was filled with chemistry and intrigue,murder,sexy times,forging new friendships and also reviving a friendship that fell to the wayside.
Sophie is in trouble and the only one she trusts to turn to is Gaige her brothers best friend who runs a elite company called G.H.O.S.T where they make amazing things happen. Gaige is Sophie's last resort and the man of her dreams that she has been crushing on since her childhood.
The story heated up quite a bit when these two decided to act on their feelings when both of them spoke up about how they have always felt about one another.We loved the amazing chemistry this couple had as they were super hot together and perfect from one another as Sophie would have no problem fitting into Gaige's company and then men he considers family.
We loved the story from beginning to end as so much was going on constantly to keep you turning the pages and we loved how the whole story unfolded because the story kept you guessing the entire time and I have to say that there were so many pieces to unravel things weren't looking good for a bit but, through sure endurance and a whole lot of team work secret after secret kept coming to light and more then than a few surprises we didn't see coming and we just love when that happens.
Overall a fantastic read and we are looking forward to continuing they rest of this series.Recommended read to all !


Review for Dirty Pool by Bethany Kris

Dirty Pool - Bethany-Kris



We loved the story from beginning to end!
The story was filled with tons of romance ,intrigue,drama and more than a few laughs.
We loved Michal and Gabbie"s story they were perfect for one another and Gabbie had just enough sass and spice to keep Michal on his toes.
Michal has definitely gotten into a bit of hot water being in Detroit with the the waring two mob families and he has been lusting for for the Irish mobs princess making things even more complicated .Michal is falling and falling hard but, time will tell will he survive his courtship or not?
Even though Michal has chosen a different path than the Marcello family ways he still values his upbringing and he has put it all to good use and to the test and prove he has the brains he outsmart out whit the best of them and take back what was rightfully his!  
Loved it! We never tire of reading about this family as they are interesting,deadly,funny and life is always full of surprises for them and they seem to  never have a dull moment which in return means more fun for us to read about.We have to say that we really enjoyed the ending and we are so glad that we got to be on Michal's journey of becoming the doctor he always wanted to be as well as a husband and a father and begin a made man too but, just in his own special way.

Book Review for Cain by Alexis Noelle

Cain (Deathstalkers 2nd Generation #1) - Alexis Noelle




This was just an okay read for us .The story for us was just way to rushed and things happened way to fast.I realize that this book is a book of fiction but, seriously who has a women who was seriously terrorized and repeatedly raped for months by someone who threatens you and the safety of your daughter and then the next day your and old lady of a Biker you just met "seriously?" 

The author should have taken the time to develop a relationship here.I could even understand Cain's feelings when meeting Emma that she was the one and destined to be his old lady and a connection to Emma and I could even see Emma feeling as though she could trust a complete stranger and felt safe for the first time in forever and she could unburdened herself with what was happening and spill her story with someone. I can understand that connection.Can you honestly see the rest of it all playing out the next day its to unbelievable me me to wrap my head around.

On the positive note I did like that character's.Cain was sweet kind protective and wanted to make a difference in the lives of Amy and Emma and would do anything to make them safe and we loved that about him.Emma was sweet women and brave and we love the lengths she went to protect her daughter.Amy she was a little girl who could melt anyone frozen heart because we found her to be  adorable and "oh," so love-able.

Overall this story for us was just okay for us the whole time reading it the story felt rushed ,rushed ,rushed, and the story could not wait to get to the finish line any sooner and stories like that are not to our liking.

3 stars

Personal Note: I honestly would have given this story two stars if it wasn't for the character's.I don't like leaving negative reviews because I feel as though we can't love them all and that is okay but, I have been reading this author since she started publishing her books and her works in the beginning and we found them to be great and were also heart wrenching and heart felt and she created wonderful characters for us to fall in love with but, somewhere along the way I feel like this author has lost her way because something that used to be in her books is missing and for me I feel that she has lost her passion for writing or maybe I am wrong and its just me.I don't know if others feel similar or not but,after not loving the last several books I have read by her I think it is time for us to move on.When you create a series the stories are suppose to get better and better and even when you have a spin off to that series it should be the same way but,I feel that just the opposite is happening here.These are just my personal thoughts and feelings and in know way do I want you to think I am bashing a author because that is not the case but, I do feel that the author has the right to know how her readers are currently feeling about her books and that you are deciding that its time to part ways and I have lost interest in an ongoing series.

Book Review for Something Complicated by J.L. Leslie

Something Complicated ( Dirty Southern Secrets #1) - J.L. Leslie



This was a really enjoyable read and we loved it ! The title for this story really fits but, I think that this couple wasted a lot of time without each other because if they had just communicated with the other parties involved things may have been different and then maybe not but, in doing so they were creating a whole lot of other problems for them and a whole a lot of distrust..

One of the things we loved most about this couple's story is that the challenges that a parent or parents can go through when their child is different and born with disabilities.Even though this is just a book of fiction I am quite sure a lot of parents have been in several similar situations depicted in this story and how small towns can be and just how cruel and mean people can be .Kaler and his daughter never deserved the towns scorn they were shown and its shame that their prejudices got in they way of what could have been a friendship filled with love and kindness. The story made us feel that it was all the more real and that you were living in the here and now."We just loved that about this story !"

I fell in love with Kaler's character right from the onset of the story as he was just an amazing parent and just loved his little girl with everything he had and not only that he put her needs first especially when he was making decisions that would effect their future and he was always thinking of her first and foremost. "Can you say heart melting?" 

"We loved the sexy as sin single dad !"

Jenna the friend and school teacher we found to be totally awesome as she had this vibrant and amazing personality who tried to enjoy all life's little gifts and she has this amazing connection with Kaler's little girl Willow."We loved Willow she was such a precious sweetheart that brought sunshine into all their lives."

Kaler and Jenna's chemistry was super hot and by the way they could keep their hands off each other just proved it . lol

We loved this sweet romance between Kaler and Jenna and the rocky road they had to travel and that it was filled with ton of scorn,and tons of town gossip and a whole lot of town drama.We have to say that they busy bodies made us laugh a time or to but, overall the story was emotional and heartfelt and we loved it from beginning to end. Second chances are possible and if your brave and persistent enough to go after what you want you might just attained the life you should have had all along....."We are rooting for you Kaler!" 

" a well crafted story "

A recommended read to all !


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I'd Rather Not

KPD Motorcycle Patrol Book 3

By Lani Lynn Vale

August 6th


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Oakley Spurlock is dying. 

She only has weeks to live thanks to a freak infection that totally and completely destroyed her kidneys.

Despite her family’s desperation, not a single one of them is a match. 

In a last-ditch attempt, Oakley’s father takes to social media to beg for help to save his daughter’s life. 

Pace Vineyard is lost. So lost, in fact, that he’s not sure he wants to be found. 

But then a beautiful woman’s face is splashed across social media, and Pace finds a spark in his soul for the first time since a bomb went off beside him. 

He’s already missing two legs. What’s one more kidney? 

At least, that’s what he tells himself. 

What he doesn’t expect is to give his heart to the woman, too. Or for the woman to run away with it and force him to follow.




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Book Review for The Dark Redemption Box Set by Lane Hart

The Dark Redemption Box Set (The Dark Redemption #1-2) - Lane Hart




  • Let's start of by saying the more that we read by this author the more we fall in love with her works as she creates these amazing characters that suck you right in from the onset of their stories and we can't help but, fall and love with the characters that she gave us to read about.This story took us on one heck of a joyride and we loved every bit of it.
  • This story was dark and dangerous full of twists and turns and some really big surprises but, most of all it was hot as he**.One women two men where they could not be any different yet one in the same but,one has a conscience and the others is questionable. I loved Brede,Aden and Blair as all of their stories are heart wrenching and some more then others but, one women is bound to easy some of their pain.
  • Two men compete for one women but, only one wants to win her virginity and the other her heart and one he can't live without.The story was gripping and captivating and kept you glued to the pages the entire time but, it was also filled will abuse,murder,deception ,erotic sexual play and a whole lot of chemistry and one that was highly emotional that the reader could not help feel their pain as it was so heart wrenching to hear all that they have survived."We loved it!"
  • I got to say that we loved that Blair was a women of strength and one to admire for all the trials she survived and Brede was the bad boy biker for hire that I fell head of heels for from the onset of the story and was rooting team Brede all the way!
  • A recommended read to all as you won't be able to put it down as I sure as heck wasn't able to ! 
  • grins..