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Magical Cats in Romance Novels

Royally BeSwitched, Teen Paranormal Romance - Molly Snow A Curious Affair - Melanie Jackson Heart Fire (Celta) - Robin D. Owens I Dream of Genies - Judi Fennell The Cat's Meow - Emily Carmichael The Magical Christmas Cat - Lora Leigh, Erin McCarthy, Nalini Singh, Linda Winstead Jones Cupid Cats (Dark Ones #7.5 - Katie MacAlister, Vicki Lewis Thompson, Connie Brockway Thoroughly Kissed - Kristine Grayson, Kristine Kathryn Rusch The Cat's Fancy - Julie Kenner Girl with the Cat Tattoo - Theresa Weir
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They talk, teleport, sparkle or what ever else cats claim when playing the "What Would be Your Superpower" Game.


Magic kitties. Yeah. I think every romance should have that. Not really but I love it when they do!


My lists are never in any particular order.


1.  The Celta Series (okay this is really #1) by Robing Owens

      Heart Mate

      Heart Thief

      Heart Duel

      Heart Choice

      Heart Dance

      Heart Quest

      Heart Change

      Heart Journey

      Heart Search

      Heart Secret

      Heart Fire  Ratkiller!


2. The Cat's Meow by Emily Carmichael

3. The Magical Christmas Cat by Lora Leigh

4. Cupid Cats by Katie MacAlister

5. Thoroughly Kissed by Kristine Grayson

6. The Cat's Fancy by Julie Kenner

7. The Girl with the Cat Tattoo by Theresa Weir

8. I Dream of Genies by Judi Fennell

9. A Curious Affair by Melanie Jackson

10.  Royally BeSwitched by Molly Snow


Do you have a favorite magic cat? Let me know!


To vote for the best of the best of Magical Cats in Romance, go to my Goodreads list: Magical Cats in Romance



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