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Light My Fire: A Loveswept Classic Romance

Light My Fire: A Loveswept Classic Romance - Donna Kauffman Light my Fire by Donna KauffmanReviewed by: AngelsFormat:KindlePages: 240Published:LovesweptSource:Net Gallery ARCGenre: , Romance,Contemporary RomanceBuy:Amazon UK /Amazon US5 STAR READ In a sizzling romance that’s both suspenseful and deeply moving, Donna Kauffman fans the flames of passion into an inferno of uncontrollable desire.Wearing jeans, boots, and a reckless, knowing grin, T. J. Delahaye is six feet and seven inches of pure danger. As a covert agent, T. J. saves people for a living. But when he tumbles down a mountain to rescue a wayward hiker, it’s T.J. who needs a helping hand. He falls—hard—for a gorgeous goddess named Jenna whose strength and fierce determination matches his own.Tormented by the demons of her past, Jenna King once called herself an elite firefighter. She’s nobody’s damsel in distress, but now survival means joining forces with T.J.—and soon sparks are flying between them. Though Jenna has known as many wild men as wildfires, this maverick just may be the one to heal her heart and teach her the dark, secret thrill of surrender.Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles: Deep Autumn Heat, Callie’s Cowboy, and About Last Night.My Thoughts and Review I really enjoyed this story ! This has been such a great series.I have to say out of the series this story was the best for me.I just loved T.J. and Jenna's story.Jenna and T.J ended up at the same rehab center and neither of them met before they checked out. Jenna was recovering from burns and injuries that she had gotten when trying to put out a forest fire.Both these characters have the same personality both stubborn and both having very strong opinions and yet are both very driven people and both have jobs that are very dangerous. So much in common...The couple meet by accident when Jenna is out for a hike and slips down and mountain.She is trying to prove to herself that she will be able to go back to work but,physically she is not up to par and she knows it and has doubts that she will ever be able to return to the job she loves most.T.J wants to come to the rescue.T.J is thinking he will rescue the damsel in distress but, she wants no help from him.Because this is what T.J. does for a living saves people he felt he must and he cannot walk away and leave her there.But, instead of helping T.J. takes a header down the mountain and now the have two of them are in a compromising position.Will he need the saving instead of doing the saving ?Danger is lurking for the couple as a storm is coming.They need to save themselves !These character's were a blast Jenna was one feisty mouthy chick.Some what of a hard ass but, having her own reasons for being so.She comes off that way but, she really just has a protective barrier up.We do see a softer side of her once she starts to unload some guilt.T.J. one of my favorite guys of the governments elite team.He has been a loner for so long you feel his loneliness but with his job he has felt he needed to be that way.T.J. even considers his co-workers like family but never really letting them get to close.But, after meeting Jenna he know things are about to change.T.J. and Jenna I believe were put in each others paths and were meant to meet one another. T.J. even though the job has made him hard he has a softer loving side we see this as the story unfolds.I believe that they met just so he could heal Jenna he knows what it's like to live with regret and pain and suffering maybe they need one another just to heal from old wounds. The couple make a strange new friend throughout the story that probably will amaze some.And the danger they go to save there new friend has you in amazement !Just a great enjoyable love story packed with a bit of suspense. The camaraderie between these characters is what made this story work for me and made it so much fun.Great characters and a great plot. Two people who were destined to be together but, neither expecting or looking to find love need the healing that must come first before there can be love that lasts a lifetime..This dangerous tale was filled with twists and turns and the ending has you wondering if there will be a happy ending after all ?A recommend read to all those looking for a fun read and a bit of suspense !