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Chosin Reservoir: As I Remember Koto-Ri Pass, North Korea, December 1950

Chosin Reservoir: As I Remember Koto-Ri Pass, North Korea, December 1950 - Merrill Harper A touching and enduring short story about a young boy and remembrance of his life with his loving grandparents.A touching story that brought tears to my eyes at the very end. This young boy was blessed in the fact that his grandparent's we so involved in his life and the impact that they left once gone. I was fortunate enough to say goodbye and be there with my grandmother when she passed on as she was my best friend and I was blessed with the chance to say goodbye and that it is important to do so.I spoke chatted and told her all the things I wanted her to know and that I loved her and wanted to be here for her in the end. So ,I know how the author felt regretting as a young boy that he never got that chance you feel that you have unfinished business.I myself would have felt the same.Grandparents play and important part in our every day lives and this author seemed to have a wonderful and loving relationship with his grand-parents where he should feel very blessed as the kids growing up today could care less and they are missing out on so much.