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Darkfever (Fever Series, Book 1)

Darkfever (Fever #1) - Karen Marie Moning What to say ? Just wow! What a start to a brand new series.You could not help but love the characters.MacKayla Lane arrived in Ireland seeking answers to the death of her beloved sister Alina as she was murdered and no one seems to be doing anything about it.Seeking answers the police seem to all ready forgotten that there was even a murder. They are already to close the case on her sister and the are no leads to the crime. Mac for short is not giving up she will seek the answers herself.Where she runs into a guy named Jericho Bannons and god what a hot-tie he is a sight for sore eyes.Mac enters a bar and see's a theft happening and moves to stop it only to get reprimanded for her good deed some women starts name calling her and goes on to spout things she know nothing about or understands. Soon she realizes through her friend and now employer of Bannons Books and Baubles that things are not what the seem.She learns that she has a special talent she is a sidhe-seer of the Fae and other things immortal.Jericho enlists her help to seek a special book only she can lead him to with her special talents. He leads her to a world that she could not possibly know even existed. She is fighting the demons of the night and trying to stay alive.Bannons vows to protect her at all cost. Every turn she takes she is in danger. Her world as she new it is gone and only demons exists she is learning to fight and hunt these demons with the help of Bannons and others. He is teaching her everything she needs to know to stay alive and learning about herself and her powers. Even though she is working with Jericho she is not trusting him he is secretive man but enough to help him with his quest and he will help her with the clues to find her sisters murderer. They are the perfect team ,anything can happen even perhaps forming an attachment hum...... Would won't want one with that hunk ? LOL Loved it!Look forward to the next sequel in this series...