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The Taming of the Wolf

The Taming of the Wolf - Lydia Dare Loved this one ! Loving this series.When Dashiel Thorpe, Earl of Brimsworth sees the lovely Caitrin Macleod under a full moon, he can not control himself. Dash ends up biting Caitrin. Though the bite, Dash binds Caitrin to him.Dash is in quite the bind now but new at learning at how to control his wolfey powers her meets Catie as her call her and as and interlude in the library were is wolfey instincts take over amd he bites her accidentially and claims her as his mate without even knowing it. But, Catie flees back to home after this. Her attraction to this man is upsetting and she doesn't even known his name and he even bit her !. She leaves this lord on a merry chase. He now has to find Catie and convience her to be his.What a pair they will make a witch and a werewolf and this is the only one witch that will be able to tame the beast within. This book was so cute and funny. Caught myself smiling quite a bit throughout this story.It was so fun to see these two fall in love you could not help but love them.The only thing is thought was missing from this story and not that is took away from it was this. In the past books all or some of the witch coven was involved in the story or the romance but i did not see that in this read only some of them. I like seeing the past characters interact with the new book even if only a little bit making havoc or a little trouble in a good way giving Dash a bit more of a hard time.