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Against the Law (The Raines of Wind Canyon)

Against the Law - Kat Martin This book was and enjoyable read but lacking in the romance department for me. I enjoyed the characters the scenery and even the plot. I have looking forward to this series for some time as I love Kat Martin.Sarah Allen-Hollister returns home after many years of being gone. She rents a cottage from and old acquaintance from school Jackson Raines. But Jackson is not wanting her to stay as the have a past of sorts but agrees to let her stay on and see how things work out. Strange happening are going on as Sarah and her daughter Holly settle in. Her place is ransacked and trashed to no avail. Sarah confides in Jackson that her husband has died recently and left her in dire financial straits she sold everything she had to pay the debts and it still was not enough. She wants a new life for her daughter and herself as her relationship with her husband was not a happy one he was a very abusive controlling man.She tries to put the past behind her but, someone is not letting her. Her husbands enemies are trying to kill and threaten her with bodily harm. She confides in Jackson that these bad people are wanting some sort of list her husband has names on which he seems to have been blackmailing some really not so nice people. Jackson enlists his brothers help to look into these matters and with the leads they find Jackson and Sarah venture back to her hold stomping ground to try and find this list and solve the matter before she or daughter or her friends end up dead. Sarah and Jackson seem to have feelings for one another but the both are Leary as Jackson knows that Sarah is coming out of and abusive relationship and he doesn't want to push but he is having a hard time resisting her. Jackson's been in love with her since high school and wants something he once lost and is also feeling protective of Sarah so he will do what ever he has to to close this matter as soon as possible but its no so easy. A detective is pointing the finger as Sarah for murdering her husband so they have that to contend with too. Sarah's very afraid off whats going to happen next.She is hiding things from Jackson , very important things but she must never tell her secrets so she decides to move into town away form Jackson and put space and try and figure out her next move to solve her own problems. Jackson not giving up as the danger is even worse then before. He will win her heart and make her is wife and nothing or know one with get in his way.Lots of twists and turns along the way just to see what happens next , your in for a ride....My only problem with this story was that I would have loved a deeper romance with this couple. For someone like Jackson who's had these feeling's locked up in his heart since high school I thought we would have seen a more passionate romance between these two between these pages. Looking forward to the next in the series of one of his brothers....