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Unbeloved: Undeniable, Book 4 Audible Audiobook – Unabridged Madeline Sheehan (Author), Tatiana Sokolov (Narrator), Tantor Audio (Publisher)
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Wicked Intentions (Signet Eclipse)

Wicked Intentions - Lydia Joyce Enjoyable mystery. Lord Varcourt has lost a brother many years ago. Thought the years there have been whispered tales that he has something to do with his brothers death but there was never any evidence to prove that he did. The young lord Thomas meet Esmeralda ( Merry for short) hired buy his mother so that she may connect with her dead son and finally put him to rest . But Thomas has other ideas . He thinks Merry is a fraud and wants to get her as far away from his mother as possible and prove that she is a fake. But his mother has true faith in her abilities and continues to be Merry Champion. Merry has her own agenda as she is not really who she says she is. She is out to right and wrong done to herself and her mother. Making her claims of being a medium somewhat clouded. But no matter the way Thomas feels about Merry believing she is a fraud he is sexually attracted to her and cannot seem to keep his hands off her no matter what and he hates himself for that alone. But, Merry is what she claims to be a good medium who has get answers about the dead and makes it her mission to find out what happen to Thomas's brother all those years ago. Was it an accident or murder ? This book was filled with a great romance and a mystery to solve and maybe and happy ever after for all parties involved. Nice easy enjoyable read. Add it to you to read pile....