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Just a Cowboy and His Baby (Spikes & Spurs, #6)Just a Cowboy and His Baby by Carolyn Brown
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


One determined, hell-on-wheels cowgirl. One equally determined, sexier-than-hell cowboy. One innocent baby, who suddenly takes center stage and everybody's priorities are suddenly up for grabs.

With a young baby dropped in his lap, bronco rider Trace Coleman's world is turned upside down. Suddenly, Gemma O'Donnell, his stiffest competition on the rodeo scene, is now the one person who can help him. She's already resisting his sexy smile and even sexier swagger, but she can't resist a baby. When it comes down to it, only one can win, but is winning more important than love and family?

My Thoughts

Out of all Carolyns books I have read this year this is one of my top favorites.

I really enjoy this story as it was lot of fun to read about these two main characters Gemma and Trace.Wow ! What explosive sparks this couple had.I just loved Gemma a smart sexy holden with a lot of spunk. Trace the roughly handsome cowboy with a softer side not your typical rodeo cowboy the love and leave them type.

Gemma and Trace are in competition with one another on the circuit working toward the final prize at winning a million dollars. For Trace it would mean buying a Ranch and settling down to a place to call home and to Gemma it means proving she was the best and first women to win this competition where the male dominate.

I have to say that Gemma was defiantly my favorite character. At every turn in this story she amazed me on how well she read people and the compassion she had for others. She was such a loving soul with a great big heart.Fierce yet a compassionate loving soul.

Trace amazed me with his talent and the way he handled having a bomb dropped on him when many would have just high tailed it out of there. Loved the way he handled the kids who he was chaperoning on a ranch on a break between competions.He had a big heart that was overflowing. I did not find Trace to be the playboy at all.Loved way he cared for Gemma when she was hurt in the rodeo he was so sweet.

When I starting reading this story I was addicted from the very first page. What a page turner ! I could not wait to see what happen next between this couple.It looked like they were doomed from there very first kiss. How does one fall in love with the other when there is a winning purse of a million dollars standing between them ?

Gemma and Trace were an extraordinary couple who had many obstacles to overcome. Not only to achieve there dreams but to find that perfect someone who is right just for you but to find true happiness and ones soulmate.I enjoyed the plot and story line it was very engaging with lovable characters.For some love comes easy but, others have to really work at it . From the very beginning I just could not see this couple staying together with all they had between them .When one is competition with the other the gloves come off and sometimes it can turn deadly but, this couple seemed to make it work with very little effort for the time being but one bombshell might just jeopardize it all.

This couple where the true test that love can Conqure All !

A recommended read to all ! And be sure to check out Carolyn's other books they were just as amazing as this read was. She has a long time fan here if she keeps writing stories like these They are heartfelt reads written and with love......

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