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Import Your Books from LibraryThing And Let Your Friends Know You're on BookLikes!

Reblogged from Witchmag's Boekenplank:

Now you can fill up your Shelf with books from your library on LibraryThing. Just import them onto your BookLikes Shelf :-)


To make it happen export your LibraryThing books to csv file, go to Settings/Import on BookLikes, select your csv file and click Import.


Your books will be imported according to reading statuses: Read, Planning to read (To read on LT), Currently reading and your tags will be changes into shelves. For example, if a book has tags: mystery, crime, romance in your LibraryThing library it will be placed on thematic shelves with the same names on your BookLikes Shelf. If your imported book has got a review, the text will be placed on your Blog and the book will receive marker Reviewed on your Shelf.


Import from LibraryThing includes: books from your library with reading statuses, book reviews, rating stars, shelves (tags on LT).


Please note that during import we don’t overwrite data and ratings unless the book in your csv file is different edition with different ISBN that the one on your BookLikes Shelf.


Updates - New Friends Page:



We've moved your Followers and blogs you Follow on BookLikes to a new place. Friends tab is placed on the upper navigation bar, next to Explore, Giveaways, Daily Deals and Goodies. Apart from Followings and Followers, you'll find there Find friends and Invite friends tabs. Now it will be easier for you to monitor who follows you and peep into your Followings' Shelves.


You can easily Find your friends by connecting your social media in Settings (Twitter and Facebook - if you haven't done it already) or by using search friends option - use mail, blog name or BookLikes username to find people you know and want to follow. 


If you know other avid readers, let them know that you're on BookLikes and invite them by pasting their mail into invite box on Invite friends tab. 


You can also search interesting blogs on Explore page where we present BookLikes Community and on Followings, Followers and Timeline pages on other blogs as well as by using search tag box where you can find readers who have the same reading taste and reviewed the same books as you did (on Dashboard in the right column, write tag or author or book title in search tag box).


Hint: We're planning some big changes concerning Explore page and blog designs so stay tuned :-)  If you would like to contribute, create completely new themes, show off your design work and make it available for BookLikes Community, please contact us.