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Book Review for The Reason I Breath Bite & Release 2 By Cory Cyr

The Reason I Breath
Bite & Release 2

By Cory Cyr
5 stars
Reviewed by : Tonya
Format : Kindle Edition,Paperback
Published by : CreateSpace Independent Platform Publishing
Source: Purchased Copy
Gene: Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance

**Strong Language**Explicit Sex**Intense situations
I waited my entire life for one singular moment.
Everything I had endured—all the pain and suffering—I would go through it all again,
if I knew she was waiting for me.

Ryan Chase was the only woman I ever loved.
My obsession. My desire.

When she came home . . . loving her hadn't been easy.
The road to our particular happiness was paved with boulders.
I became who she needed me to be. Who she wanted.
Marriage and children— they were a dream we both shared.
Until a nightmare threatened to take it all away.

Is love supposed to be this hard?
How long before the person I'm pretending to be begins to crack?
I'm a liar. A fraud.
He is surfacing.

She's the only reason I survived. I lived.
She is the reason I breathe.
Now, when she needs me the most—I'm transforming into the person
I thought I'd buried years before.

I can't be without her. She gives me purpose and makes me whole.
Nevertheless, the universe chose a different route. God had a different plan.
And right now, I'm pissed at them both

Our Review

I came across author Cory Cyr when buying a book on Facebook for her first book "Bite & Release" and I read the synopsis and right away was hooked. Now why am I mentioning book 1 because YOU HAVE TO READ IT before you read this one or you are going to be completely lost. Well when I heard this book came out I zipped right over to Amazon and bought this one. So with that here is my review. BUY THIS BOOK!!!! LOL yes oh my god when I finished the first one and learned there wasn't going to be another in this series I was devastated, seriously, the first book was so freaking good. But now this one "The Reason I Breath" this is a POV, yeah I now, a POV right. We all know POV's are usually churned up bits from the first book just being told all over again by someone else in the story. 

Well guess what this is not the case. Cory has gone not just above and beyond but completely through the standard POV writing and excelled to another plain. This is Shea's POV and his story, much of which wasn't in the first story. You see a man broken, beaten, lost, heart out on a platter being served up. Its raw, I won't lie there is a lot of emotion in this book. But lord have mercy I hope you have a pool to jump into because the freaking steam that comes from this book I think my neighbors could hear my kindle sizzling. Geezuz the sexual content in this book, Shea's POV between him and Ryan holy hot hannah the AC down on 64 didn't cool me off. 

All I can say is I will read a POV book written by Cory any day of the week if they are all like this. Its almost like an entirely new story separate from the first one but with the same characters. I kid you not. Don't believe me head over and get book 1 and 2 and you too will be a believer. 

Well done Cory, well done.... If I could I would give this 8 stars.....
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About the Author
I began writing music and poetry at an early age. My love of music became my sole focus, and I spent quite a few years as the lead singer for many local rock bands. In high school, I was fascinated with the macabre and started writing science fiction and horror stories so dark they earned me the nickname "Gory Cory."
After years of writing dark tales, I never thought in a million years my first two finished manuscripts would be Adult Romance.
I am a devout vegan as well as an animal lover. I collect antique weapons and crosses(I still have that dark-side).
My books are ALL ADULT 18+ Bite & Release(My 1st book) was published 5/31/14

Other books coming soon:
Reviving Haven 7/31/14
Acquiesce 12/30/14
The Reason I Breathe(Bite & release 2) 7/2015
RUG BURNS(Weezie's POV) 10/16/2015
Secret project April 2016
SnaTCH October 2016

You can find me:
Facebook: Author Cory D. Cyr