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Book Review for Love Unbroken by Victoria Bright


Love Unbroken 
By Victoria Bright
 4 stars
Reviewed by:Tonya
Published:Victoria Bright
Source:Purchased Gene: Romance /Adult


About Book can be a beautiful dream or a disastrous nightmare. What happens to a love bond that is constantly strained by lies, betrayal, cheating, and pain? Will it eventually corrode, or will love and trust keep it together?

Camille Anderson, a beautiful, sassy, curly-haired college student only has eyes for one man, Ahmad. She sees herself with no one else...that is until she meets Keith, her new study partner. Will she be able to fight temptation or will one small mistake cause her to lose Ahmad's trust and their relationships?

Ahmad Dawson, a sizzling hot, athletic personal trainer is obsessed with his girlfriend Camille. Not really the marriage type of guy, he is considering changing that mentality for her. Things were going smooth until Kelly, one of his clients, began to intrude on his relationship as well as his career. Will the desire of promotion lead him to do things that he shouldn't? Or will he stay true to his woman and his values?

The new people in Ahmad and Camille's lives are starting to create chaos and are slowly tearing them apart. After a deceptive plan is put into action, everything is turned upside down. Will this bring Ahmad and Camille closer together? Or has enough damage been broken to break their bond?

My Thoughts

I just love the chemistry between Camille and Amahn they really seem to really like and care for each other, their sexual chemistry is just electrifying. They met at the gym where Ahmad works as a personal trainer, and with compassion, caring and time Ahmad teaches Camille that he is not like the men in her past, like her father. 

Of course what kind of a story would it be if there wasn't some type of drama and this book sure has its fill. Enter Kelly, daddy has money, she is beautiful and only wants Ahmad and will do anything and everything to have what she wants. And then there is Keith, goes to the university with Camille, is her study partner, for her he is just a friend, but Keith, he wants so much more, and he is willing to do anything and everything to get what he wants. 

Why is it whenever something stressful, sad, devastating, etc men always seem to pull away, "have to handle things on their own"? They can't open up instead they clam up shutting the women who love them out. Well that happens with Ahmad and Camille and this causes discord. He has a devastating tragedy that he struggles to deal with and shuts Camille out. At the same time Camille's life changes and she is struggle to come to terms with that as well. As they both struggle, the bad works its way in and what you think would never happen with these two does, and the walls begin to come down. 

And when I say tumbling down, I mean with a huge implosion. I sort of saw some of it coming but OMG what I thought wasn't what happened. It had me crying, yelling and hurrying to find out what happens with Camille and Ahmad. I was not prepared for how this ended, so not what I expected. But what an amazing reads


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