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Change the color of the rating - ribbon on your review! (wood theme only!)

Reblogged from As the page turns..:

Hey guys, I figured out how to change the color of my rating ribbon to much more the colors of my page.



I wrote a tutorial that took me ages to add all the pictures, as I figure it might help others tailor their pages to more of their liking. This applies to the folks with the wood theme. If you have other themes this probably won't work for you.

Also always save the code before doing any changes on a notepad, as you might accidentally erase a symbol that the code needs (it happens more times than you know!)


It's not a difficult thing to do and let me know if you need any help. The basic idea is to find the picture of the ratings the code uses and replace it. In vanilla mode (aka without alterations) the code uses the green ribbon rating picture. Let's say you want to have it in blue, or black.

First, save the picture I have on this post (the green one) and alter the colors to your liking. I wouldn't recommend paint as we want to keep the transparency on the bottom edge.

I used the excellent online editor:

Open the picture and navigate to the effects (the magic wand on the left side toolbar)

Then scroll down until you find the "Tint" effect. Click on it and choose the desirable color from the palette.

Save the result.

Then upload it somewhere online. I chose to upload it on BL, on an empty post and then open the source code of my written text (the <> symbol at the end of the toolbar) and copy the img's url.


Now open the template of your theme and go to 'Edit HTML'. In the  tag, find a line that reads and just below it copy this:

Just change the url in-between the brackets to your url. Click "Save" and then admire your new ribbon!

That's it!


If you want to share this tutorial, feel free to do so (just link instead of reblog, as I'm bound to have made a few mistakes and I want to correct them by editing this post).

Questions? Suggestions? Let me know!