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A Book Review for A Secret Wish by Barbara Freethy

A Secret Wish

by : Barbara Freethy
 4  stars

Reviewed by : Tonya

Format : Kindle Edition

Published by : Amazon Digital services

Source: Purchased Copy

Gene:  Contemporary Romance


Three women, three birthdays and one unforgettable night that will change their lives forever.

One night in San Francisco, three women make a birthday wish believing it can’t possibly come true. Liz is turning thirty. A successful nurse, she has a good career, but no man to share her life. All her friends are married, and she’s alone, still trying to outrun a tragedy from her past. Then she meets a handsome stranger.

Angela, a member of a large, loving Italian family, is facing thirty-five with no baby in the nursery. Eight years of infertility treatments have put a strain on her marriage. Will she have to choose between her husband and having a child? When she is mugged by an unexpected assailant, her life takes a new turn.

Carole, a corporate wife, is staring down forty candles. Having grown up poor, she worked hard to get ahead, but when her kids bail on her birthday, and she discovers her husband with another woman, she realizes that she may have nothing at all. She goes back to where it all began, the mother she left behind, and the man whose heart she once broke

Our Review

First this is a happy ending book – but they have to work at those happy endings which is my favorite type of HEA books.

This book is about three different women at different ages and stages in their lives going through what seems like to them a very pivotal and life altering change, some type of crisis. One woman is struggling with becoming a mother. Another is struggling with a bad life and marriage and the third wants to change her life, find love, be more outgoing.

The author did a fabulous job bringing the characters to life. You get pulled into each ladies lives, their hearts are opened their souls bared and you feel like you are them when reading this story.

Angela and Colin struggling to become parents, and a bad birthday party, a preacher and fate make them both realize that they have lost track of what was important. Until that fateful night when Angela is mugged and everything changes.

Carly had everything she wanted yet it wasn’t enough. Her kids were never around, she was just another possession for her husband and had not had a relationship with her mother in to long. Fate brings her back home, brings someone from her past into her life and big changes happen for her.

Then there is Liz I think out of all three ladies she is my favorite. Don’t get me wrong I loved all the ladies stories but I just really related to Liz and loved hers the most. Liz is a nurse and is celebrating her birthday by herself on the top of the hospital when a really gorgeous man shows up, after a night of doing things she would never do in her life, and then the next day being ripped into reality her life is forever altered.

I really can’t say anything more because it would just give too much away but I am so glad I read this book I just absolutely loved it and look forward to reading other books by Barbara.

About the Author
Barbara Freethy is a #1 New York Times bestselling author of 52 novels. Traditionally published for many years, in 2011 Barbara began self publishing her backlist and has sold over 6 million ebooks. In 2014 she was named the Amazon KDP bestselling Author of ALL TIME! Twenty-two of her titles have appeared on the NY Times and USA Today bestseller lists. 

Barbara writes contemporary romance, romantic suspense and women's fiction. She is known for writing emotional and compelling stories that include love, mystery, family, secrets, and often a little suspense. 

She is currently writing three series: A contemporary family series The Callaways about a family born to serve and protect and begins with ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS; a romantic suspense trilogy Lightning Strikes that starts with BEAUTIFUL STORM, and a series of short sweet romances Bachelors & Bridesmaids that begins with KISS ME FOREVER. 

In addition to those three series, I also have a WISH series that begins with A SECRET WISH and ANGEL'S BAY that begins with SUDDENLY ONE SUMMER. And if you love, big, rich, emotional novels that standalone, I have 17 standalone romance novels as well as several romantic suspense duos. 

Please visit my website at for more information.
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** Readers should know that the titles THE CUZZIAN HORSE and PATRICK MICHAEL O'REILLY'S 13TH SUMMER, which often appear mixed in with Barbara's titles, are written by a different author with the name of Barbara Freethy