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Born of Silence (The League #5)

by Sherrilyn Kenyon

  5 stars
Reviewed by: Joelle
Published: Grand Central Publishing

Source:purchased copy  Genre: Paranormal Romance
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About Book

Death Stalks Them All...

Kere is the second most infamous member of the shadow organization known as Sentella. An explosive engineer who strikes terror into the hearts of the League, the bounty on his head is truly staggering. No one knows his true identity.

The daughter of a traitor, Zarya Starska grew up hard on the back streets of hell- her family hunted to the brink of extinction. But Zarya dreams of a different life and a different world. A world where the harsh hand of the Caronese emperor doesn’t destroy his subjects. As a Resistance leader, her goal is to topple the government that needlessly ruined the lives of her family and comrades-in-arms. In this deadly quest, the only person she can trust is a mysterious man known only as Kere.

By The Light Of Day...

Kere has a dark secret and a brutal past. As he aids the Resistance, he’s actually working to bring down his own family- the Cruels- so named for the viciousness in their blood that runs so deep, no other name would do. Born and bred from one of the oldest and noblest families in the United Systems, Kere’s real name is Darling Cruel. And the one thing he wants most is to see his uncle, who stole the crown by murdering his father, pay for his crimes.

If You Tell A Lie Long Enough, It Becomes The Truth...

In order to protect his mother from execution, Darling’s entire life has been built on a lie that he dare not breathe a contrary word about. His hands tied by his uncle’s cruelty. No one has ever seen the real him. No one except Zarya. She’s the only person he’s ever fully trusted with the truth. But when she betrays him by allowing a weapon he designed solely for her to be used against him, all bets are off.

The Hero Is Now The Monster...

Betrayed to the deepest level, Darling becomes an enemy even worse than his uncle. His goal is not only to reign, but to kill every Resistance member he can find. He won’t rest until all of them are dead and that includes Zarya.

The Twisted Hand Of Fate...

Zarya is the only hope to reach the heart of the man her people once considered their ally. A man who hates her with a fury so great that she knows it’s just a matter of time before he kills her. But if she can find the part of him that once trusted her, the part of him that once loved her, she might be able to save not only her own life, but those of her people.

It’s an impossible mission.

Too bad she doesn’t play the odds

My Thoughts

I have been reading this series for some time and I am totally enjoying it ! I have so say that this story has touched my heart made me cry so many times throughout this story. This is one of the best books that I have read this year.It was such an emotional read.The characters were riveting  .

I loved this story it was engaging and mesmerizing.So much action and adventure and drama, amazing friendships.True love for both family and friends.Truly and engaging story and you have to applaud all the work that went into this story it is wonderful and heart wrenching.

Got to love Kere he is also known as Darling Cruel is leading a double life handsome and deadly not matter what face he wearing. The overall story was a very tragic one .I felt the story tugging at my heart strings constantly.Kere he endured so much throughout his life it was amazing he remained sane.

The story was about fighting about injustices and a group of men trying to make there world a better place.The men of this elite group were very powerful and dangerous men who were kings and princes of there own country banded together in a secret group. You have to admire all the characters in this story they all have there own story and own tragedies but, all have carved out a life for themselves .They have developed unshakable friends willing to give there lives for one another.

The story reminded me a little bit of Acheron story one of Ms.Kenyons books.Reminding us that we pay for the sins of others and the games they play with other peoples lives while the less honorable ones hold all the glory and power.

Zarya is a warrior working on the assumption of wrong information and her actions are hurting innocent people.She is a dangerous warrior herself leading a rebel group.During her service she meets Kere known as Darling Cruel heir to the throne of his country.This couple have a wonderful romance even though in the years the have been together she does not truly know who he is really but, Kere is hoping for a lifetime with her even after he reveals himself that she will love the real him and have faith in him and have there love survive.

The relationship of this couple will become a rocky one.Loyalties will be tested. While reading this story you are rooting for a happily ever after for Kere but, your thinking that his happiness is doomed from the very beginning to many obstacles to overcome.

This story was very intense and full with tons of intrigue and danger at every turn you are seeing secrets unfolding constantly throughout the story making it a griping read.Love the characters of this story Kere the most and Zarya too but, there we many times I wanted to kick her butt saying wake up and smell the coffee amoung other things like dumb b****just wake up and see whats right in front of you!The story is full of family drama and betrayal.Unlikely friendships were forged.Darling Cruel is a man one who you can respect and follow.He has friends who would give there life for him and he do the same in return.We see forgiveness from a man you never thought to see knowing such a betrayal is really unforgivable.

There are so many great things you could say about this story and never end.It was quite the page turner and kept me up into the wee hours of the night.When I starting reading this series I thought hum... this is not my kind of thing but, I was immediately sucked in to the there plots and characters of each story .Just loved them all! Kere's story is my favorite to date.This book has gone into my keeper pile and will be re-reading this story again before the year is out but, this time with a box of tissues next to me.

Recommended read to all !. If you are not reading Sherrilyn Kenyon's you need to be she is an incredible author and her books are not to be missed.

Simply and amazing read.......