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The Earl Claims His Wife

The Earl Claims His Wife - Cathy Maxwell I am a fan of Cathy's books but this book fell short for me. I enjoyed Gillian and her big heart to save a child's life and that she was her own person with a big personality. What I didn't like is that after husband abandons her almost after is wedding night to goes to war he had nothing to do with his wife for 4 years. But Gillian has moved on a started her own life but after 4 years of no contact her husband Brian shows up to claim his wife. But Gillian has found a new man that she wants to start a new life with and wants a divorce. Her husband challenges her new man to a duel but to prevent death of either of them she offers to go with her husband. Gillian wants no part of her husband and refuses to go but she caves in to avoid the duel and parties being injured. The problem I had with this is that her husband left her after there wedding almost immediately but lives openly with is mistress Jess his long time sweetheart. Comes back from war after 4 years and see his mistress not is wife and after 6 months of being back from war decides to seek out his wife because her needs her but for something he is hiding from her which she won't find out until she arrives to her new home. Me personally I would hate my husband or lover doing this to me and humiliating me. I would not be having sex with him on my way to our new home. I know he is her husband but she has found new love with someone else tells her husband that she wants a divorce if she agrees to help him and yet she can't stop having sex with her husband where's your pride women ! She suppose to hate him after all ! The positive side there are a few twists and turns along the way and a happy ending.