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Book Review for Trusting Bull by Jordan Marie

Trusting Bull: Savage Brothers MC - Jordan Marie, Shauna Kruse



Trusting Bull 

by Jordan Marie
Reviewed by: Angels
Published: Jordan Marie and AmazonDigital
Source: Purchased Copy
Genre: Motorcycle Romance,Erotica Romance,Bad Boys



The minute I saw him, I knew I was in trouble. Bull. 
What kind of man flirts with the doctor who lectures him on STD’s? 
And why am I attracted to a man like that? 
He wasn’t what I wanted, but he could be exactly what I need. 
Slowly I’m learning to trust him. 
It’s perfect, except for one small thing…. 
Someone wants me dead. 


To say I lost my way is an understatement. 
Then I meet her. Skye. 
She’s smart, beautiful and way beyond my reach. 
It doesn’t matter, I’m keeping her. 
I know what I want and I go after it. 
Now someone is trying to take her away from me. 
I won’t let that happen. 
She’s mine and I’m not giving her up. 

My Review

Another great read from this amazing author.This is another installment in this series but, like all her other books they act as a standalone.Even though this story is about Bull's and Skye's venture into developing their attraction to one another those characters from her previous stories play a part in the current one making it more enjoyable.

I love a story about a wounded hero with a troubled past trying to claw their way out of the darkness.I also like reading a story in which the love of a good women changes you as a man for the greater good.This is not your typical MC romance of just a hot guy and a girl falling head over heels in love. This one takes you on the journey of building family ties to last a lifetime. 

I always have a favorite character in a story to bond with and mine would have to be Bull although, I loved all the other character's from the MC family as well.We saw so much growth and change in Bull from the very beginning of this story.Bull has a lot of strikes against himself in his character from the very beginning.Bull is a wounded war hero with PTSD syndrome,hooked on pain killers,comes from a broken family leaving him a broken man ,and is a man whore to boot with a crude mouth .What women would want to be saddled with him ?It takes a special loving caring person like Skye to take on that kind of man .Bull took one look at Skye and he new he wanted to be a better person for himself as well as her.

Bull gave me several laughs throughout this story with his antics that was for sure.His first meeting with Skye and his first conversation with her had me laughing so hard.Who hits on their doctor after their told they have a VD disease ?
 (my favorite scene in this book)
But,Bull is not one to give up the chase so quickly.I found Bull to be a really sly one in his pursuit of Skye as we saw things progress in their relationship. I had a constant grin on my face.For all Bulls faults, he is a great guy with tons of love to give and care's greatly for those of his brothers.We see the softer side of Bull's personality but don't get me wrong he is a Bada** and is lethal and deadly as well .

This story does not have a complicated plot but has so much going on in it.Bulls MC club is in chaos and Skye has a stalker both of them surrounded by danger.Bull's issues with getting clean and staying clean and also getting help to deal with his PTSD along with trying to hookup with the women of your dreams who has a child as well.Tons of drama going on as well as the other members having their own hookproblems.We also had a few surprises we did not see coming.

A fast paced read that kept you wanting more.This story had you rooting for a happy ever after.These main characters Skye and Bull were total opposites .She is a doctor he's a bad boy from totally two different worlds but they were just what the other needed to spice up life just a bit.I liked being on Bull and Skye's adventure as they fell in love as well as seeing both of them heal from past hurts.Both characters were easy to love.Skye surprised me the most because the quiet doctor as it turned out had a wicked sense of humor and had a bit of a feisty personality. 

Loved it ! I love reading about those possessive hot bad boys who would give their life to protect those they love.This authors books are not for those who don't like reading Erotica because her books have very steamy and are VERY HOT .The sexual scenes are very intense and very hot indeed.This author did a superb job in cooperating  all the elements I love in a story like love and laughter and chemistry with drama ,twist and turns along with family and friends.
A 5 star recommend read from Angels.

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About Author

Jordan Marie is the alter ego of a small town country girl. She released her first book in January of 2015 and has been blown away by the amazing support. She's grateful for each and every reader that has taken the time to read her stories and in the process get to know the men and women that live in her mind. She likes to create a book that takes you on an emotional journey whether tears, laughter (or both) or just steamy hot fun (or all 3). She loves to connect with readers. 

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