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Book Review for Bodhi Lost Creek Novella Series Book 4 by Samantha Leal

Shifter Romance: BODHI (LOST CREEK SHIFTERS NOVELLAS Book 4) - Samantha Leal




A lost Creek Shifter Romance
by Samantha Leal
Reviewed by: Angels
Published: Samantha Leal and AmazonDigital
Source: Purchased Copy & ARC
Genre:  Romance,Shifters.Paranormal Romance Romance,Bad Boys


 Welcome to Lost Creek... a quiet mountain town full of secrets... 

When Natalie leaves her hometown and heads off to make it in the city, she didn't bargain on just how tough it would be to make it on her own. Now with big dreams and a yearning to return to her roots, she heads back to Lost Creek, where nothing is quite what she remembered, nor all that it seems. 

After a brush with danger, fate throws her into the arms of a mysterious stranger - but who is he, and why does he appear to be hot one minute and cold the next? 

As Natalie begins to build her life – hopefully her empire as she sees it - her sexy stranger reveals himself as useful in more ways than one…acting as something a guardian angel as he helps her along the way and also builds up a raging fire within her heart.

Bodhi is like a dream come true…but a dream with a dark and wild secret of his own, one that is embedded deep within Lost Creek’s past. Yet it is about to make itself known very clearly in the present in ways she can’t even imagine! 

With great love comes great risk, but Natalie and Bodhi know that it will be worth it! And it's a risk that they are willing and eager to take... 
Our Review
This is a new author for us and we enjoyed Samantha Leal's story of Bodhi and Natalie on their adventure of finding love.
Bodhi and Natalie first meeting chance or destiny ? I am thinking destiny.I loved Natalie's sense of humor and her confidence.I loved how she had no trouble telling someone like it is and telling them off.I have to say that when she had her first meeting about opening a nail salon in town with the building owners made me laugh out loud.That scene was the funniest part in this story.
This was a sweet fun romance to read.This story had humor,love, romance,and hint of danger to it.
Natalie falls for a  guy who turns out to be were-bear shifter.You felt Nat's conflicting emotions that are overriding her fierce attraction. Bodhi has those same feelings, neither sure how to cope with them.
This story was a cute sweet romance.I found the character's engaging fun and love-able as well as like-able.I found it was easy to connect with these main characters.Loved watching this couple fall in love.I like stories like this about shifters who fall in love with mortal women because their sexy, possessive and have such big hearts that they would die to protect those they love.You cannot help but fall in love with them.
Looking forward to reading the other stories in this novella series.

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About Author

Samantha Leal loves nothing more than spinning tales of alpha male romance, whether it be about Bad Boy Bikers, Highlanders or Werebears. She feels incredibly grateful to be able to make a living through her creativity and imagination, and in a way that allows for an endless exploration of that most central drive in us all – the drive to connect, to be loved and to love…and let’s not forget about the Sex. Sex is the most natural of all our drives and she is happy if she can empower woman, even in the smallest of ways, to explore that side of themselves, whether it be in a dark fantasy or a more prince charming form. It is her humble hope that her readers enjoy reading her work as much as she enjoys pouring it out on the page, so to speak. 
Samantha lives in a quaint little town that is probably not too different than many you might know. In the moments when she is not writing or raising her little girl, she loves a good TV night, as well as the occasional dabble with a paint brush. Her other passion would be to be out in nature among the woods, where she still hopes to encounter some sprites or perhaps some other sort of mythical creatures one day – the good kind of course! She is always open to the possibility that fantastical things do exist beyond the confines of her own fertile imagination.

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