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Book Review for Royal Rebel by Avery Wilde

Royal Rebel - Avery Wilde



Royal Rebel

by Avery Wilde
Reviewed by: Angels
Published: Avery Wilder and Amazon Digital
Source: ARC
Genre:   Contemporary Romance,Romance,Erotica,
Bad Boys

Royal. Rebel. Red Hot.

When I spent a night with lovable bad boy Vince Remington, I knew he was gorgeous, smart, witty, and charming. I didn’t know he was a Prince Charming, though. 






Vince and Abi's Story 
We have to start by saying this is a new author for us and that we throughly enjoyed this authors latest novel and we are looking forward to reading her other books.
I loved this story it was it was really cute love story that made me smile throughout the entire story.The character's were engaging ,funny and quite love-able I chef and a prince who knew ?
I always pick a favorite character in the story and mine is going to be Vince.I thought the guy was sexy as Hell.I loved the fact that he was a really down to earth kind of guy especially, for one who came from a privileged family.I really felt for Vince as his life was never really his own.I cannot imagine the strength it must have taken him to deal with the stress on a daily basic's.My heart went out to him as you felt how truly lonely he was.I loved how he was attracted to Abi and her vibrant personality.I enjoyed the chemistry that Abi and Vince had.It made for one very one hot read.
I really just loved everything about him.Vince was caring,fun had a sense of humor and was a very loving and gentle person.He surprised me how possessive he became of Abi in just a short amount of time,You felt everything he felt for Abi as his feeling were genuine and sincere something she really needed in her life at the moment.This couple definitely had some major chemistry that lead to some very hot and playful sex scenes.They were to cute together and had me smiling throughout the entire story.
Abi was just a spitfire with a big heart ,sense of humor who impressed me greatly. Abi was a lot of fun to read about.You felt Abi's pain for the insecurities she felt about herself.That ex loser of a boyfriend of hers caused most of those for her.My heart really went out to her as she never deserved to be treated that way. Abi really was such a sweet person who had a lot of love to give.I loved her playful interactions with Vince they made me smile.I loved how in this case opposites attract.
This was just a sweet all around romance with a couple who found each other when both needed to find something more rewarding in life.I loved the twist that the author added to the story on how this couple actually found each other even before they even met.Nice touch.I love a romance when a couple strives to overcome all the odds to find love love and happiness even when it seems the universe is against you.This made for a very sweet touching love story  that grabs your heart as it did mine.I was rooting for this couple from the beginning for them to find there happily ever after.
I light fun read that had all the elements in it that made for an enjoyable read.I loved the characters and their personalities with their sense of humor.I love when your able to connect with the characters that you read about and I was able to do that with them.
I recommended read to all. I am looking forward to this authors other novels in the near future.We started filling our kindle already with them and can't wait to see what's next.Smiles .Goes in the keeper pile.
This was an ARC given to us by the author for and honest review and were a giving it 5 stars.It was and amazing read we loved it!

I'm Avery Wilde and I live in North Carolina with my husband and three gorgeous cats. I love writing and sharing my work (almost as much as I love chocolate cake!), and I also love connecting with readers.

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