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New Release for Worth the Fight by BreAnna Mansfield

Title: Worth the Fight
Series: Worth It #1 
Author: BreAnna Mansfield
Genre: Adult Romance
Release Date: March 17, 2017
Its hard to write the wrongs in your life, but when you have to right a wrong you unknowingly made? That's when things get tricky. In an effort to save his sister, he unintentionally ruined lives of many. Aaron works hard day in and day out to make his businesses thrive. Every other waking moment is spent looking for his opportunity to finally right the ultimate wrong hes made. - with a little bit of payback on the side. What happens when a fiery redheaded nurse waltz in his life and plants herself right in the middle of a brewing storm? 
Can Bridget save herself and Aaron from drowning in the darkness that is crashing down around them? Or can they lean on each other in order to survive the storm that's coming for them both?