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Book Review for Be My Sailor by Lauren Wood

Be My Sailor: A Single Dad and Virgin Romance - Lauren Alexis Wood
Be My Sailor
by Lauren Wood
  3 stars
Reviewed by: Angels With Attitude Book Reviews
Published: Amazon Digital and Lauren Wood
Source: ARC Copy
Genre:  Romance

Her graceful innocence surprised me.
The way she stared at
me with her intensity made me so hard I could barely control myself from taking her in front of everyone.
I wanted to feel her skin against mine, her warmth against my heat.
I wanted her to scream my name in her voice that had the ability to turn Ash into fire.
I craved to corrupt her, take away the innocence she’d prized for twenty-one years. Make this one week unforgettable in her memory.

Life gives you a lot but takes away even more. I learnt this a long time ago, but never had I wanted my little daughter to face it. I have money, a lot of it, but even that couldn’t save her mother from death. 

Now, I need to bring back the brighter part of life she’s lost the vision of. I want to see her truly smile again. 

A week long cruise to the Bermuda might achieve this. 

But then I saw her.

And she did come for me, multiple times; giving me the solace I didn’t know I needed. 

But there are people I don’t trust in here. The Journey of the deep blue might not be as pretty as it is supposed to.

Is this solace going to be another thing I’d lose to life?

This is a full-length 40,000 word novel, standalone Single Dad, Virgin Romance. No cheating or cliffhangers. HEA guaranteed!!! Bonus content included.


Let's start off by saying this is a new author for us and we really looked forward to reading

this one but it just turned out not to be my cup of tea as they say.

I have to say I like the characters especially Blu she was so cute and needy but oh so lovable.It broke my heart to see such sadness in that little girl after losing her mother in such a tragic manner she has never been the same.

I really wanted to like this story but it just didn't click with me.I don't have a problem with stories that are about love at first sight kind of romance but, this romance between Dana and Hutch moved way to quickly for me.If Blu had not been involved in the outcome and the end game I might have accepted their relationship being a world wind romance.

I am all about the story being fiction and make believe but in stories like this they also have to believable at least for me.Not only that I have a problem with the romance moving so quickly and them being in love the author had a sheltered virgin jumping into bed and having intense raunchy sex the first time around and then after.A sheltered virgin would need a little bit of wooing right? If she had a little bit of sexual experience their first encounter may have been more believable to me.I could except her wanting to explore her own fantasies with the dirty talk and so fourth but I just could get past the part that she was a sheltered virgin.

Though I liked several things about the characters themselves this was just not the kind of story I could get into and connect with the characters and when that didn't happen I new then and their I wasn't going to enjoy this one and that it was just going to be an okay read for me.But, from the other reviewers they loved this one it just wasn't for me.

3 stars from us !



Lauren Wood is a new author. She loves to read and write about bad boys who are naughty and dirty. Her alpha males are strong enough to make the hard decision in life but sweet enough to melt for his mate. She is a big time fashionista, love trying new hair styles. If she is not writing, you will find her in a gym working on her body to get the attention of her very own bad boy.

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