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Dragon Spear (Dragon Slippers)

Dragon Spear  - Jessica Day George Book three in Jessica's dragon series. Creel is now growing a little board with home and is looking forward to a new adventure. After becoming engaged to Prince Luka , Creel and Luka and Creel's brother set out to see her Dragons friends new home. After the last war that was one the King banished all Dragons from his Kingdom. So Sharda's and his Queen Velika set out to come the other Kingdoms to find a place for all his people in addition to the new acquired dragons who became un collared in the last war most of them being controlled since the day they were born. The find a place on the Far Isle's to become the new home of all the dragons. Sharda has promised Creel she can't visit when things are settle for them and in the Spring returns for Creel and brings her for a visit. Her Dragon friends are there to meet her and her Prince to take them to the new home of her Dragon friends. Once they have arrived Creel is so overjoyed she is on cloud nine. Looking to her friends she has found that some of the have new mates and also new baby dragons and are happy with life. She as brought some gifts for her friends as most of them hoard a collection of their own so she has brought and gift for them to bring smiles to there faces. She finally meets Shardas and Veika the Queen and King of Dragons and then learns that the Queen is carrying eggs and there will soon be a new queen in the making and is so overjoyed with this wonderful news. She has news of her own she is getting married and since her family is a family of dragons what a perfect place for her wedding.Once settle in the King and Creel get down to business of catching up and is given a tour of the new Island of the Kings new home which turns to be paradise after all. After an exciting day Velika and Creel decide to go to the Queens cave for a nice nap where Creel sits and chats with her Queen while sewing her new bridal dress dozes off to. Once awaken she hears a noise someone is kidnapping herself and her Queen. They are taken to a remote part of the Island where the learn other dragons have me living and are slowly becoming extinct. They learn they have kidnapped the Queen has the need her and her eggs to begin a new and save there people. But Velika is going to give birth very soon so Creel needs to put a plan in action to save herself and her Queen. Alas the adventure begins. What a cute and heart felt story. This is the conclusion to the three book series. The characters are lovable and intriguing and you can't help bu want to keep turning the pages to she what happens next.Creel starts to think that she might be curse and if she will after make in to the altar and all with all her mishaps along the away that keep you laughing throughout the book bringing a smile to our face. This ones a keeper.