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Protecting Her: A Romance Bundle Kindle Edition by Mia Ford
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The Devil's Curve
Jaxson Kidman, London Casey
When I'm Gone
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Merry Cowboy Christmas
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Last Ride (Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club)
Chantal Fernando
Dirty Ride (Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club)
Chantal Fernando

The Year of Living Scandalously (The Secrets of Hadley Green)

The Year of Living Scandalously - Julia London I loved this one! A new series is off to a great start. Cousins plot together. Lily has just become Countess of Ashwood but had plans to go to Italy. She convinces her cousin Keira to go in her place and run things while she is aboard. But, things are happening quickly when Keira arrives and she was mistakenly taken for the current Countess but, with trouble brewing she had no choice but to take the role of her cousin Lily until she arrives. The place is in shamble and chaos is everywhere but Keira starts to set things to right. But, here plot it seems is going to go a rye before she even gets started. She meets Declan O’Connor, Earl of Donnelly a childhood friend and he knows she is not Lily the new Countess. She sets her sites on Declan to convince him to go along with her plan and in the meantime do some sleuthing to find out who stole the Ashwood jewel as Keira is convinced the man hanged for the crime is not guilty. The sparks fly between Keira and Declan they have a past together and it is not all love at first sight more like hate. These two were so cute together seeing there love hate relationship. Keira's quick whit made her funny and the handsome Declan seemed to be no match for Keira as a girl she thought herself in love and never seemed to stop. There exchanges had me laughing from time to time. Keira always seemed to be so driven to protect the charade she was playing constantly fretting about when her cousin will arrive getting herself involved in a horse race and trying to solve a mystery about the missing jewels and falling head over heel in love with a handsome lord making it her most grand adventure to date and she has had plenty. This book was just a cute romance all around found myself laughing a lot and it was nice to see the love between these couple grow knowing it was doomed in the end only hoping for a miracle to reunite a couple who so long to be together. And a mystery stranger causing havoc in there lives but he seems to be there to stay, plaguing the new Countess of Ashwood and the adventure continues to still solve the mystery of the missing jewels.