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The Perfect Mistress

The Perfect Mistress - Victoria Alexander Harrison Landingham, the Earl of Mountdale, was making plans. He is ready to settle down and fulfill his obligations to his family and his title by marrying a woman suitable to his station and wants heirs.He has a list of qualifications in a wife She would be well-bred and of impeccable family background.She would have a pleasing appearance and look well on his arm at social functions.She must be a perfect hostess and social affairs .She would make sure his household was well run and his meals would be served according to his time schedule etc.And most assuredly, his wife would never, ever court gossip or bring discredit to his family nor create scandal. But , then he meets the lovely widow Lady Julia Winterset who is not in line with his qualifications she is fiercely independent , smart,sassy,outspoken,intelligent and about to court scandal. But,after three years of being a window and nearly broke her Uncle leaves a diary containing her great-grandmother, Lady Hermione Middlebury's shocking memoirs on how to be The Perfect Mistress.Julia's resolved to ignore convention and polite society and have the scandalous memoirs published. She's been assured that scandal does, indeed, sell a lot of books. So she's quite determined to sell the memoirs, even if those memoirs would reveal wickedly naughty indiscretions and the intimate details of her great-grandmother's affairs with various gentlemen. Secrets, perhaps, best left untold and allowed to remain in the past.But,Julia must take a risk she needs the income that this book would bring to support herself and little family she has left.The Earl of Mountdale shows up on her door step demanding that she forget this nonsense as he has work hard to preserve and improve is family's reputation .He insists she not seek to publish this diary as it includes details of his now 76 year old father's amorous dalliances from his rakish past.Harrison insists she sell it to him so he can destroy it but she flatly refuses him. He must come up with a plans to seduce the lovely widow so she does not have these memories publish that will bring shame to his family. Harrison sets forth a plan and lays it in place in order to acquire this book. There are others posing a threat to the Earls plan to so he must use what ever he can at his disposal to win her and the book.What a enjoyed most of about this book is that it has the hint of a paranormal theme transfixed within a love story of not so perfect wife but, indeed the wife he now wants and never thought he wanted. Loved Juliet's quick wit , sharp tongue and her amazing strong personality.Loved Juliets great-grandmother she was thoroughly engaging , funny and what a lovely idea to come up with to compose one trysts in a book of passed loved ones . The way Hermione (Lady Middleton) wrote her story was a hoot ! The camaraderie between Juliets friends and gentle teasing shared between the widows was heartwarming to say the least .Loved the aspect of Juliet's great-grandmothers friendly ghost visiting her and talking to her about her past love interests and helping to guide her to make the decisions on weather to publish these memories or not and enjoying there upbeat bantering between the two so cute.The book was plotted with several surprising twists and turns that made for a thoroughly engaging lovely story. One can only hope there will be some good that will come out with the bad if the memories are publish. You will root for second chances of a long lost love being reunited and one hope at repairing a hurtful past between mother and daughter we will just see what happens. I am standing rooting in the sidelines for all parties involved as I love happy endings after all..