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Viking in Love

Viking in Love - Sandra Hill Viking in Love (Viking I #8) by Sandra Hill 5 stars From Publishers Weekly Tenth-century England is beginning to feel a little old in Hill's latest Viking adventure, her first for Avon. This is a straight historical romance, not the time-travel scenario familiar from The Very Virile Viking and others in the Time of Your Life series, and without the inherent absurdity of eras colliding, the humorous anachronisms come across as forced and creaky. Breanne and her four sisters, Viking princesses all, have killed one sister's abusive husband, who inconveniently had strong ties to the misogynistic King Edgar. Their very distant cousin-by-marriage, Caedmon, has a stout castle well away from the scene of the crime, but he'll only allow them to stay if Breanne promises him 10 nights in her company—no holds barred. It's a familiar formula of war between the sexes and desire ruling all, and only Hill's fans are likely to enjoy the ride. (Feb.) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. My Thoughts and Review Let me start out by saying I love Sandra Hills books and I am a big fan of her books.Sandra's books for me have all the things that make up a great read for me. This book was funny sexual had me laughing so hard at some points and others crying out my eyes.I don't think I have read a book this year that I laughed so hard. Normally the books are written about the Viking being the male of the book but, this time around it was about 5 Viking Norse princesses and one of them finding love. The Viking princesses are all sisters 4 of them come to visit there sister when they arrive to sister there sister beaten to a pulp and has a broken arm. Things get out of hand a somebody ends up dead so they conspire together to form a plan to get rid of the body and flee to safety until they can get word to the father the King for protection. The sister end up at a small estate a cousin to her sisters cousin and ask for his permission to stay until the can make arrangements to go home. Things at this keep are in disrepair and the princesses set to righting immediately once there.Its all a flurry a run down keep and 10 children running around all the owners children. The interactions from then on between Caedmon of Larkspur and Breanne the feisty princess gave you much entertainment. The both had a way with words making to chuckle quiet a lot.She needs to protect her sisters and must get him to give them protection after spilling the entire truth of what happen.He wants them gone as they will be nothing but trouble until her poses that Breanne must share his bed for 10 days and do all willing things he asks. The journey beings of a passionate romance and a developing friendship.The children are falling in love with there princess and do not want her to go but, Caedmon wants no marriage nor wife or children. The children will not give up. The is danger lurking and he must find a way to avoid it. The characters all in this book made it work the children did there parts to make the book funny with some of the stuff that came out of there mouth you would not expect had you laughing so hard and in shock.Breanne my favorite with her quick whit and sharp tongue.Caedmon camaraderie with is friends and there loyalty were endearing.The princess doing all kinds of deeds that servants do and never complaining and enjoying every minute of it not what you would expect. Seeing genuine love and affection in a house of servants friends and the children was a nice tough also.. The best part of the book though for me is the final act that the children make to nab a princess for there mother you won't want to miss.A Recommended read for all I never had so many laughs in one book it was a treat and delightful read !