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A Lady's Guide to Improper Behavior

A Lady's Guide to Improper Behavior - Suzanne Enoch What a cute fun story thoroughly enjoyable. Amelia has been publishing books on proper ways to behave for ladies. But, after meeting Colonel Bartholomew James she is snipping at him challenging him at every turn flirting and also correcting him on how he should act around a lady. But the Colonel is not one to conform to the ways of society. The colonel is been away at war for too long to have the patience for that kind of nonsense. James did return home injured badly and suffers so. But, it seems a little tagament like Amelia is getting under his skin and gradually bringing him from the darkness into the light.These two start off under and unusual friendship as Amelia invites him on carriage rides and dares him to dance, and almost makes him want to return to Society but he has been hurt and injured and knows he is hardened by war and has no business in Amelia's life. But, fate has other plans for him. James cannot forget Amelia or there shared kisses that they have engaged in .James thinks of her from sun up to sundown there is no hope for him LOL. Amelia on the other hand feels the same about James but it fighting her feeling as she has several beau's in the wings but there is something about James that draws her to him like no other man ever has. Amelia is always the proper miss and even has written books on the subject but all goes by the wayside where James is concerned she has done nothing but act like a seductive little charmer. She learns from the servants where James has been staying that he is losing his mind and tried to commit suicide but, once arriving at his brothers home she learns that he has had surgery to reset his leg just so he could dance with his Amelia as he is coming to realize he wants more that anything and will put his but seduction forth to win her. A truly great love story. Loved it loved it loved it !!!!!!!!!! One of the best love stories that I have read in quite awhile. What truly drew me to the story was that Ameila for all her proper ways bucked convention for that time at risked of her own reputation but oh boy the fun she had along the way .LOL Where can I get a Colonel James ? Just Yummy what more is there to say..........