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Book Review for His Honey (Wounded Souls Series, Book Two) by Leah Sharelle

His Honey (The Wounded Souls Book 2) Kindle Edition by Leah Sharelle (Author), Colleen Snibson (Editor) - Leah Sharelle
Title: His Honey
Series: Wounded Souls Series, Book Two
Author: Leah Sharelle
Genre: MC/Former Soldier Romance
Release Date: May 15, 2018
Reviewed by Angels With Attitude Book Reviews
Arc provided by honest review
5 stars

I love you so much, Stella Hogan. You are the best part of my day.




Vincent Booth's whole life has been one of responsibility, - from his years in the military leading his men through battle to being president of the his club, the Wounded Souls. But with responsibility comes guilt. The Danger to the club and death haunts him. To keep his family safe, he has to stay strong, but the club's beautiful cook could derail him.




Stella Hogan has her own terrible secrets. The biggest is being in love with the president of the Wounded Soul's motorcycle club. Booth frustrates her but is able to command her with just one look from his grey eyes. The handsome former commando's inner struggles break her heart, and his fierce loyalty puts it back together. 

Stella has the power to bring Booth to his knees. He can't let her, can he? Will Booths deepest secret be his ultimate failure? Or can he trust her to be the light in his darkness?
Can Stella trust him enough to give him her heart? Will the danger that surrounds the club destroy them? Or will a shattering discovery end it all before it has even begun?


Stella and  Booth 
First off  lets say this is a new series and author for us and we have to say that we loved the first book in this new amazing series and each and every book that came after.
I loved what this club stood for and the members who were part of the MC club.We often take for granted the sacrifices our soldiers make for us to keep us safe and the he** they go through and the long effects they have to live with. For me I am eternally grateful for all they do to keep us safe.This Club was created for a team of ex military soldiers and the men they served with.I loved the support system that this club had for each and every member as well as the former soldiers to come it was a place for them to feel like they belonged and had purpose.What I loved most though as they had the right people to cope with the nightmares,ptsd,mood swings etc to help them make it through the day.This really was such a touching story that it definitely touched your heart and is not a story that you would be forgetting anytime soon.
I really enjoyed this latest installment in this on going series.I loved the story from cover to cover.
I loved all the characters this story had whether it was a MC member, or all the future old ladies to come but, I had a real soft spot in my heart for Shiloh as she cracks me up!
~Our favorite Quotes~
Quote-“Going somewhere, Booth?” Steel’s smirk told me he knew exactly what I had up next. He’d had one with her only days ago. “Got a date with a fiery raven-haired squirt. She tore me a new one the last time I was late.” I laughed.
Quote-“Stella, are youse listening to me?” Shiloh questioned me, freeing me from my thoughts. “Oh, I’m sorry, sweetie, what did you say?” Shiloh let out a huff, shaking her head, her raven curls flying around her face. “Youse not wearing your listening ears, woman!”
Quote-“Vinnie, is you going to sit down and date me, or do I hafta find Darf?” Shiloh called out to me. Chuckling, I made my way to the table and sat my tall frame into the stupid as shit fucking smallest chair in the world. “I’m here, baby girl. Let’s get this date started.”
I loved the suspense but,most of all I loved the amazing characters that the story had for us to enjoy and fall in love with.The story got even hotter more suspenseful and we learned more than a few secrets about a certain women in the club.Was she living a double life?
The story was filled with so much love as well as brought us tons of laughs especially when all the girls got together and then all He** broke loose.
LOL I am thinking that this is a good thing as it opened the eyes of the men of the club about what was right under their noses and if they didn't get the sh** together quickly they were going to lose those they already loved to another.
I loved Stella from the onset of the story she was the sweetest ,kindest,strongest person I ever met.I loved her fieriness and devotion for those she loved,I loved her protectiveness,(she was like a momma bear protecting her cubs) but, most of all she was a angel sent from heaven to spread her over abundance of love that she housed within her heart to give comfort and love to those wounded souls.I love all the little things she did for the brothers and her little act's of kindness like making and keeping the mens favorite treats on hand. 
I loved Booth from the onset as well. Omg ! Definitely swoon worth. Hot as He**! "Fanning myself !"I loved his fieriness and how protective of those he cared for and loved.I loved how his men loved and respected him.Booth was the brothers commanding officer in the military and he ran his club like they were still there and I believe that this is actually what the men needed as he was level headed as well as smart and always went over the pro's and con's when making decisions to keep his family safe.I love that he was great under pressure.I found Booth to be a man who kept his personal feelings and needs close to the vest as they say.
Booth and Stella made the cutest couple.I loved the struggles he had concerning is conscience when it came to Stella and that she was an innocent he thought he would tarnish her in some way by wanting her and claiming her.I loved how he watched her from afar all the time and was always in his thoughts.I loved how protective he was of Stella and how once he gave is heart she became his whole world.
"Touching and Heart melting!"
~Our favorite Quotes~
Quote-I loved watching her. She was the most stunning, beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on.
“I like when you call me Honey, too.” The barely whispered words only just reached my ears as I exited out of the kitchen. A grin suddenly split my face. Me too, Honey, me too.
Quote-I needed just a small taste. Dipping my head, I crashed my lips to hers, and feelings I had never felt before exploded in my body. Pulling her closer to me, I moved my mouth against hers, wanting to deepen the kiss, but I didn’t. I didn’t want to scare her off with my desperation to taste her. But oh, my fucking good God. Heaven had a name, and its name was Stella Hogan.
I called out, trying hard not to howl like a wolf that had just found his mate for life. Because, Miss Stella Hogan, you just became mine with that climax and that one word. Baby. She probably didn’t even realize she had said it, but I’d heard it. Right down to my black soul. And I fucking loved it. Game on, Honey. I am coming for you. And that was it.
This story as well as the series is emotionally engaging and I really love that about a story as one minute your laughing the next crying.I love that you feel connected to these characters.For me they are all my favorites whether its the men or women as they all have great personalties as well as their quirks that we love so much!
I love that the love story itself is riddled with and takes so many twists and turns.As the story progressed you could not help but get emotionally attached to the characters as they were all so love-able.
Awesome read! Recommended read to All!
A personal note: This is a series that needs to be read in order and although the story does not end on a cliffhanger all the books are connected by one common tread and is a on going story all the way to the conclusion of the series.I personally read the series all at once and I am glad I did because the moment I finished one book I started onto the next.










































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