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Book Review for Landing Eagle by Harley Stone Dead Presidents MC Series #4

Landing Eagle (Dead Presidents MC #4) - Harley Stone
Title: Landing Eagle
Series: Dead Presidents MC Series #4
Author: Harley Stone
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: October 29, 2018 
One last time.
That’s the promise Naomi and Eagle break every time the whiskey flows.
Focusing on her hard-earned military career, Naomi Lincoln has kept her secret and highly carnal rendezvous hidden from her protective older brother, the president of Eagle’s motorcycle club.
Until one reckless night of uninhibited lust and passion changes everything and challenges them to see if their irresistible chemistry can lead to more than mind-blowing sex.
This time, will Houston “Eagle” Archer be able to protect his woman?
Or will she end up like the last one?
We are enjoying this series.This current story brought us tons of laughs and we loved seeing the player get played.
Eagle-Our first thought  meeting him "What a douche bag!" Eagle was a typical biker type who took his pleasure in any willing female and discarded them second he was done never going back for seconds.
"Well maybe just one! "lol
Eagle is a more complicate character who wears two faces.The women perceived him to be a cold hearted bastard but, he is everything but, its all and act.I believe Eagle acts this way because this is how he chooses to deal with his pain and loss but, in actuality he loved fiercely and passionately.
Naomi-I loved her from the onset of meeting her.I found her to be one bada** chick.I loved her personality ,found her to be tough as nails,funny,sexy,smart and accomplished and a no nonsense girl.
Naomi was the perfect person to challenge Eagle at every turn.Two alphas pit against one another neither wanting to get up control.Let's just say we were looking forward to seeing who would best who.
I thought from the onset of the story that Naomi and Eagle would make the perfect couple as they are just what the other needs.Eagle and Naomi relationship is complicated with Eagle holding onto the past and Naomi still being active in the military and her job is dangerous she is a Pedro pilot.Naomi job is the one thing that will make a break their relationship but, time will tell.I loved the chemistry between them and those sexy fun sexy scenes they had together.
~A favorite quote of ours that fits them perfectly~
“I don’t ride bitch, remember?” I asked, flipping us over. Her eyes widened in surprise and her hand released me as she landed on her back with me covering her .  “You’re fuc***’ gorgeous, sweetheart,” I said. Her eyes narrowed and she tried to yank her hands free, but I held firm. “Release me, and I’ll show you what a fuc**** sweetheart I can be, ass****.” She was like a wildcat held by the tail.
Eagle- I found him to be sexy,loves someone with his whole heart once he chooses to give it,carries guilt and wounds from the war, slightly cocky ,funny, also is someone who would give up his own life for another.I loved that he was protective and possessive of the ones he loves.I loved how he treats Naomi as his equal.
Naomi- From the first meeting her we love her she had me laughing right off the bat at her messing with Eagle.I found her to be sexy, had a sense of humor,beautiful, funny,smart,driven,and compassionate .I loved how important her job was to her and the difference she made to save lives.
~Favorite quotes~
Quote-He held a second helmet out to me. “Hop on.” I eyed the helmet and the seat behind him, trying to decide how I wanted to play this. It had been a long time since I’d flirted, and I’d never been very good at it to begin with. So, I decided to be myself and flick him shit like I’d always done to the recruits. “Sorry, hotshot, but I don’t ride bitch to anyone.”
Quote- "I had every intention of getting this sexy, bossy Marine into my bed. Challenge accepted, Monie-Love. My freak flag’s about to fly."
I enjoyed the story as it made us laugh and it was about healing and letting go of ones past.The story was filled with club drama was a bit suspenseful had a few twists and turns that we never saw coming that kept us engaged to the very end of the pages.
We loved the character's as well and also in this ongoing series and they are engaging and all so love-able.
A recommended read to all!
After refilling both our glasses, I found Eagle by the pool tables. “You any good?” I asked, handing him his drink as I gestured toward the table.
He started racking the balls. “I do all right. You?”
I grabbed one of the pool cues from its holder on the wall. “It’s been a minute since I played, but I used to be okay.” In truth, I was damn good. I’d grown up playing on these tables with Dad’s crew, and those old guys were a bunch of pool sharks who liked to show off. They’d taught me a thing or two.
Removing the rack, he said, “Your break.”
I took a deep breath, lined up the cue ball, and sent a stripe into a corner pocket. Then I shot again, sinking a second stripe into a side pocket. My third shot sank a third stripe.
Eagle arched an eyebrow. “I think you misled me, Pedro.”
Remembering that I wanted to get laid more than I wanted to win this game, I intentionally missed the next shot. Eagle sank three solids before missing the fourth.
“You do all right?” I asked. “I think I was the one misled, Marine.”
He shrugged, smirking.
My heart did a little flip at the sight. Damn, the man was sexy. His hands were huge, his shoulders were broad, and I’d overheard a couple of the club whores saying he was a beast in the bedroom. Exactly what Love Doctor Monica had prescribed to chill me the fuck out.
Needing a little more liquid courage to up my flirting game, I took a long drink of my cocktail before sinking two more stripes. He sank two more solids. He should have sank a third, but his hand twitched at the last second, causing the cue ball to hit its mark off-center. It looked like he did it on purpose.
Arching my eyebrow, I called him on it. “You don’t have to hold back with me, you know?” I asked. “I can handle your game.”
His nostrils flared, and his gaze roamed over my body. Whiskey was loosening him up as well. “I was about to tell you the same thing.”
I’d been caught. A guilty smile tugged at my lips as I backed up to the table and took a shot behind my back, sinking another stripe.
“Oh, it’s like that, is it?” Eagle asked.
I sank my last stripe before turning my attention on the eight ball. I didn’t have a good shot, but I could sabotage Eagle’s next move, so I did.
“Rude,” he said, eyeballing my work.
I shrugged and took another sip of my drink. “You said I didn’t have to pull my punches. Did you change your mind, Sweetheart?” It felt damn good to throw that nickname back at him.

Shaking his head, he took a shot, surprisingly sinking a solid in the corner pocket. He missed the next shot, though. My turn. I sank the eight ball and his solid. We both laughed, and I racked the balls for our next game while Eagle refilled our drinks. We were evenly matched and with whiskey flowing, conversation was easy and relaxed. Not only was the guy easy on the eyes, he was great company.
Harley Stone writes mafia romance and funny-as-shit romantic fiction. When she's not writing, she's busy living out her real adventure in southwest Washington with her husband and their five boys.