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Book Review for Kit by S R Dyble #Carsonbrothers

KIT (Carsonbrothers #1) - S R Dyble


Let's start off by saying that this is a brand new author for us and we really enjoyed our first story by them.This story was filled with characters that drew you right in like those cocky playboys with those sexy Australian accents,hot men who were a bunch of playboys but, also kind and playful who loved to tease but, underneath it all their protective and deadly as sin.


I will say that at the beginning of the story Kit's cockiness was a bit much to take but, it was his way of getting the girl.Eve and Kit played the cat and mouse game before Kit decided it was enough and he was making her his! One thing we loved about Kit is he was definitely a playboy with a revolving door of women but, every step he took with Eve was a first for him as he was doing everything out of the ordinary knowing from the onset she was special and someone to cherish.


We found Kit to be way to cocky and full of himself for sure but, also protective,possessive, loving,sexual,playful and if you could get past the cocky attitude he had this larger then life personality that he just enjoyed life to the fullest.


We found Eve to be shy and a bit of a introvert,broken,sad but, once she started blossoming and changing she was feisty and playful and could tease with the best of them.I loved that she was shy about receiving compliments and never really realized how beautiful she was inside and out.


For me I really enjoyed the story as it was filled angst and suspense,super hot sex and characters that had tons of chemistry between them and a intense relationship with a guy some would call a a-hole but, you could not help but love and then you have the feisty and fiery Eve who has risen above risen from the ashes of her tragic past and blossomed right before your eyes.


I have to say that we laughed on and off throughout the entire story but, we also felt the pain these two characters experienced with reliving their painful pasts it was heart wrenching and your heart broke for all they had to endure to get to this point but, they we both given the chance to heal and find that everlasting love happiness they both deserved.


Warning- This book ends on a cliffhanger and the story is continuing and Eve and Kit's story is not over but, we are hoping that the next entails one of those sexy Carson Brothers because they we so much fun in this tale we can wait to hear their stories next. 


Overall I loved the story from beginning to end and I had a smile on my face most of the time because that cocky bastard Kit put it there.


Grins ! 



Well done and a recommended read  from us !