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Book Review for Something Complicated by J.L. Leslie

Something Complicated ( Dirty Southern Secrets #1) - J.L. Leslie



This was a really enjoyable read and we loved it ! The title for this story really fits but, I think that this couple wasted a lot of time without each other because if they had just communicated with the other parties involved things may have been different and then maybe not but, in doing so they were creating a whole lot of other problems for them and a whole a lot of distrust..

One of the things we loved most about this couple's story is that the challenges that a parent or parents can go through when their child is different and born with disabilities.Even though this is just a book of fiction I am quite sure a lot of parents have been in several similar situations depicted in this story and how small towns can be and just how cruel and mean people can be .Kaler and his daughter never deserved the towns scorn they were shown and its shame that their prejudices got in they way of what could have been a friendship filled with love and kindness. The story made us feel that it was all the more real and that you were living in the here and now."We just loved that about this story !"

I fell in love with Kaler's character right from the onset of the story as he was just an amazing parent and just loved his little girl with everything he had and not only that he put her needs first especially when he was making decisions that would effect their future and he was always thinking of her first and foremost. "Can you say heart melting?" 

"We loved the sexy as sin single dad !"

Jenna the friend and school teacher we found to be totally awesome as she had this vibrant and amazing personality who tried to enjoy all life's little gifts and she has this amazing connection with Kaler's little girl Willow."We loved Willow she was such a precious sweetheart that brought sunshine into all their lives."

Kaler and Jenna's chemistry was super hot and by the way they could keep their hands off each other just proved it . lol

We loved this sweet romance between Kaler and Jenna and the rocky road they had to travel and that it was filled with ton of scorn,and tons of town gossip and a whole lot of town drama.We have to say that they busy bodies made us laugh a time or to but, overall the story was emotional and heartfelt and we loved it from beginning to end. Second chances are possible and if your brave and persistent enough to go after what you want you might just attained the life you should have had all along....."We are rooting for you Kaler!" 

" a well crafted story "

A recommended read to all !