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Book Review for Cain by Alexis Noelle

Cain (Deathstalkers 2nd Generation #1) - Alexis Noelle




This was just an okay read for us .The story for us was just way to rushed and things happened way to fast.I realize that this book is a book of fiction but, seriously who has a women who was seriously terrorized and repeatedly raped for months by someone who threatens you and the safety of your daughter and then the next day your and old lady of a Biker you just met "seriously?" 

The author should have taken the time to develop a relationship here.I could even understand Cain's feelings when meeting Emma that she was the one and destined to be his old lady and a connection to Emma and I could even see Emma feeling as though she could trust a complete stranger and felt safe for the first time in forever and she could unburdened herself with what was happening and spill her story with someone. I can understand that connection.Can you honestly see the rest of it all playing out the next day its to unbelievable me me to wrap my head around.

On the positive note I did like that character's.Cain was sweet kind protective and wanted to make a difference in the lives of Amy and Emma and would do anything to make them safe and we loved that about him.Emma was sweet women and brave and we love the lengths she went to protect her daughter.Amy she was a little girl who could melt anyone frozen heart because we found her to be  adorable and "oh," so love-able.

Overall this story for us was just okay for us the whole time reading it the story felt rushed ,rushed ,rushed, and the story could not wait to get to the finish line any sooner and stories like that are not to our liking.

3 stars

Personal Note: I honestly would have given this story two stars if it wasn't for the character's.I don't like leaving negative reviews because I feel as though we can't love them all and that is okay but, I have been reading this author since she started publishing her books and her works in the beginning and we found them to be great and were also heart wrenching and heart felt and she created wonderful characters for us to fall in love with but, somewhere along the way I feel like this author has lost her way because something that used to be in her books is missing and for me I feel that she has lost her passion for writing or maybe I am wrong and its just me.I don't know if others feel similar or not but,after not loving the last several books I have read by her I think it is time for us to move on.When you create a series the stories are suppose to get better and better and even when you have a spin off to that series it should be the same way but,I feel that just the opposite is happening here.These are just my personal thoughts and feelings and in know way do I want you to think I am bashing a author because that is not the case but, I do feel that the author has the right to know how her readers are currently feeling about her books and that you are deciding that its time to part ways and I have lost interest in an ongoing series.