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Let's start off saying this is a brand new author to us and we really enjoyed our first read by them.The second page in and I was already laughing out loud and still several chapters later I was still going strong.This book was all kinds of crazy right down to the plot itself with its crazy yoga classes to its dog spa weddings to its goat eating frenzy all the while being kiss by a hot stranger in a parking lot that you will not soon forget.

The characters were amazing and the story just flowed and kept you glued to the pages the entire time.Is was easy to love most of the characters they were engaging and funny,some stuck up and boring and not wanting to face reality right down to the last one that is cumming and not in a good way.

I loved both Ellis and KiKi they had a lot of chemistry between them and a whole lot of hotness between them this couple knew how to burn up the sheets inside and outside of the bedrooms and the sexual romps were hotter then hell.

(That Kiki was one lucky girls lol)

Ellis was a character that you falling in love with instantly from his dashingly good looks to his home town charm with his amazing sense of humor.

KiKi was another character you down right loved because of her wicked sense of humor and she was bright and beautiful and sexy and one who goes out of her way to please others above herself time and time again but, she is no pushover mind you just a little bit confused and lost but, she had some really great friends to help guide her along with her common sense.

Overall we loved this crazy love story the whole entire story was infused with humor that had me laughing out loud the entire time and one that was all kinds of crazy but, in a good way.This is the perfect book to read to get out of a book funk you could be experiencing or just looking for a new author to read.I would definitely read more books from this author and looking forward to it.