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The Renegade Hunter: A Rogue Hunter Novel (Argeneau Rogue Hunter 3)

The Renegade Hunter - Lynsay Sands Enjoyed this story. Merry has been running her father household for many years. As her Laird and father and also her brothers they are quite fond of the drink and drunkards. Merry has all she can do to help keep everything together for her people. But Merry fiance request she join him now that he has arrived home. She fears leaving her family as who will take care of them when she leave going to be the bride of a man she has never met. And upon meeting her husband to be she finds him drunk and calling her her nick name in his drunken state. She now is feeling she has just traded one drunk for another and what will life be.She marries Alexander but on there wedding night he then again encounters her in the bridal bed a drunken fool yet again. She know that there must me proof of the consummation so set about the task of providing it. But upon waking next morning there is so much blood that Alex feels awful that he has ravaged and hurt his bride and can't even remember it her brothers are ready to put a sword to her husband for the hurt they have caused but,Merry avoids any bloodshed between father and husband.Merry husband avoids her mostly for the first few weeks for there marriage and Merry gets busy to settling there new home to rights.Alex request that him bride go on a trip to be and check on his sister.Along there travels though Alex learns the truth about there wedding night and makes it is mission to make his wife a wife in truth. But he knows that he has to prove to Merry that he is not like her family and wants to gain her trust and love.But someone has other ideas they do not want to see this marriage flourish. Merry learns along there travels that someone is trying to kill her husband it seem every time the have a moment together.His people start to suspect Merry is trying to do her husband in. Merry has been through it all and knows how to go about protect her husband from harm and to win his heart while she is at it. Soon the adventure begins..
Merry is what made this book so delightful and funny.You could not help but love her and the loyalty she aspired from others.I love Lynsay books she never disappoints...