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Outlaw Scot and the Stolen Bride: A Highlander Romance Short Story (The Munro Clan Highlander Romances #1) by Marilyn Stonecross

Outlaw Scot and the Stolen Bride: A Highlander Romance Short StoryOutlaw Scot and the Stolen Bride: A Highlander Romance Short Story by Marilyn Stonecross
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sabrina de Montfort’s dream has come true—the man she fell in love with years ago has finally returned. Her dreams quickly shatter as Ramsey Munro, the wild boy her uncle took in as a boy, acts as though he does not know her. Worse yet, it’s rumored that he plans to take another for his bride!

When an opportunistic suitor takes advantage and Sabrina is kidnapped, every muscle in Ramsey’s body screams for action. He’s loved the green-eyed beauty from the moment they met, but knows a life in the wilds of the Scotland is no place for a gentle creature like Sabrina. Can he free her from the claws of Lord Archer? If he does, will he be able to set her free…or will the Outlaw Scot take a Stolen Bride all the way back to the Highlands?

6,200 words (short love story)
Adults only!(less)
Kindle Edition
Published September 26th 2011
edition language
The Munro Clan Highlander Romances #1

My Thoughts

I love stories about Highlanders so I was excited to read this story.

This is the first book in this series about the Munro brothers.This author created a short story in three parts.Each brother was reluctant to wed not because they did not what to find love but, because of the ongoing feud with the Gunn's which posed a death threat to the entire clan.

This was and enjoyable short Read .The main character Ramsey struggles much with his conscious over his love he bore Sabrina. They grew up together and formed and strong attraction that never bared fruit.

Many years late Ramsey has encounter Sabrina again and his heart still feels the same as it ever did.As he continues to deny what he wants but, Sabrina is kidnapped and now his hand is forced.

Love the characters Sabrina and English lass and Ramsey a rough and tough warrior. Two opposites yet they compliment each other and need one another .You could see the love they held for one another but, life just got in the way.We see a little spunk from Sabrina you would never suspect.

Ramsey a Highland Warrior makes some hard choices in this story weather to take the bull by the horns and take what he wants or lose the one thing that has been a constant bright light in his waring rough life as highlander always forced to do battle in order to protect his clan.

I think the author by creating these short stories is just getting her feet wet.There looks to be much promise in her future books. I would love to see a full length novel at some point.

Other reviews I have read there only complaint is that they wished the book/story was a little longer and I have to agree would have like to explore these characters a little bit more.But, we have to remember it was a short story to begin with.

Sweet little romance and a enjoyable read with fun loving and engaging characters !