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Scribd envisions Google Glass-like wearables for e-reading

Now isn’t this interesting? An idea for an ereader that you wear like glasses, and the words project in front of your eyes! Interesting concept, though I can see why it is still a ways out. Other than the reasons they said, what about people who already wear glasses? Would they also be able to use something like this? And what about eye strain?


I like a “traditional” ereader. I don’t find my Kindle to be heavy. In fact, compared to the weight of some of the books that I read on it if they were actual physical copies, it is downright light! But I still find the concept of ereader glasses intriguing. However, I would probably only buy them if they were Kindle brand. That is just my personal preference.


This is definitely something to keep track of. I am definitely intrigued by this idea.