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Is a Blog Award, the kind where you have to answer questions and pass it on, a meme? I think so, and so I am using it for my “M” day post.
I was given a Liebster Award by Tonya, of  My Family Heart's Book Reviews. I have no idea what a Liebster award is other than it is an award passed from blogger to blogger with a few rules – here are the rules:

a) Nominate 11 other bloggers to receive the award (I’m sure they’ll be thrilled)
b) Tell everyone 11 random facts about myself
c) Answer 11 questions that Tonya asked me
My 11 questions asked by Tonya for her nominees: 
1. What is your favorite food?
Love Seafood

2. What is your pet peeve?
I hate leaving anything unfinished !

3. What is your favorite flavor ice cream?

4. What is the last book that you read?
Chosen by Kristen Day

5. When was the last time you played on a swing set?
When I was a kid.

6. Name something on your bucket list?
Want to visit Scotland and Ireland when the kids are all grown up.

7. What is your favorite season?
Summer, Love the sun and the pool and love flowers and gardening .

8. Channing Tatum or Tom Cruise (LOL)?
Channing Tatum hands down !

9. Edward Cullen or Jacob?

10. What was the last movie you saw in a movie theater?

11. When was the last time you played “Red Rover”?
11 Random Fact about Myself
1. I have been married for 23 years.
2. Sold my first story when only in High School.
3. Gardening is a passion of mine.
4.I have a beautiful grand-daughter named Bella.She is the love of my life !
5. I love to travel. Love the Caribbean.
6.Spent my Summer's at my grandparents Hunting and Fishing lodge called the Bonnie View.Met lots of different people from all over the world.Some became long time friends.
7.I am a Ghost writer.
8.I collect Medieval and Gothic Art and Antiques.
9.My grand mother was my best friend when she was alive.
10.Love to read books !I am a total Book Junkie.
11.Learned how to fly fish and Tie flies while in high school .I was taught to fly fish by the re-noun-ed Joan and Lee Wolff.
My Nominee's Are

Talk Supe

Book City Chick
Jean the Book Nerd
Romancing the Book

Girls Book Tours 
Bookworm Dreams 
 My Family's Heart Book Reviews
I am loving Books
I am a reader not a writer
 Parajunkee Blog
About Happy Books 
My Questions for Nominee's
1.What is you favorite read of all time ?
2. What is your favorite Gene you like to read most ?
3.Who is you favorite Author ?
4.What is your favorite dessert ?
5. What is your favorite past-time ?
6.Do you have a pet and if so what is there name?
7.What is your favorite place that you have ever travel to ?
8. Who is your fictional character crush ?
9.What is your favorite TV series ? 
10.Are you a Downton Abbey Fan ?
11.Are you a Twlight Fan ?