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Feature for Authors and Twitter Timeline Widget

Reblogged from Olivia Smith... and her BookWorld:

This week’s Thursday release brings  two features on BookLikes: one for authors (if you’re one, let us know), and a social gadget that you can add to your blog - widget with your Twitter timeline.


Authors' books

We’ve received many messages from writers with author dedicated feature requests. We'll happy to present you the first chapter :-) (we have much more on our mind, next chapters will be relesed soon). Here's how it works:

After author's request (if you’re a book author please mail and our confirmation a new tab will appear in your Settings titled Author.


This new tab lets you select books written by you - then the books will receive a special marker in book window and book search result with a link to your webpage on BookLikes and your photo. You can add all your titles, all editions from all bookstores where your books are available, then a link to your profile will appear in each search book result and in each book window. Then your readers will be able to easily find you on BookLikes, connect with you and start following you.

Note that you can select books that are already published and/or available in book sources that we partnership with.



Twitter timeline Widget

We have also a new social gadget for all 140 character message addicts :-)  Now you can easily add Twitter timeline widget to your Blog. Go to Widget tab in your Twitter Settings, create one, copy code and paste it into your Settings Blog in Social networks section.


Twitter timeline widget will pop on your blog - then your readers, viewers and blog guest can easily follow your Tweets and find you on Twitter.


P.S. We'll have one more news for you this week. Stay tuned :-)