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Actual Knights in Shining Armor in Historical Romance

Honor's Splendour - Julie Garwood By Possession - Madeline Hunter Dark Champion - Jo Beverley Jacq's Warlord - Delilah Devlin, Myla Jackson The Warlord - Elizabeth Elliott Taming the Wolf - Deborah Simmons Castles in the Air - Christina Dodd Untamed - Elizabeth Lowell Desire - Amanda Quick Charming the Prince - Teresa Medeiros
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I love a good medieval romance.  Lately, there have been a blessing of hot Scots and swaggering Irishmen to fill this craving but I find myself missing the Knights, those battle weary Knights with dirty rushes, castles that need minding and awesome war names. 


Here are some of my favorite Knights, in no particular order...


1. Baron Duncan of Wexton—the Wolf from Honor's Splendor 

2. FitzRoger of Cleeve from Dark Champion 

3.  Kenric of Montague from The Warlord

4. Raymond, Count of Avrache from Castles in the Air

5. Sir Gareth of Wyckmere from Desire

6. Lord Bannor the Bold from Charming the Prince

7.  Dominic le Sabre from Untamed

8. Dunstan de Burgh, Baron of Wessex from Taming the Wolf

9. Rufus of Rathburn from Jacq's Warlord

10. Addis de Valence from By Possession


I would love to read some good Knight books written more recently. Please let me know your favorites! And if you would like to vote for the best of the best, go to the Goodreads list: Actual Knights in Shining Armor in Historical Romance


Oh, and even though there is lots to grimace about in The Knight's Tale, if you love you some Chaucer, I highly recommend it for the naked ginger man that wanders through the countryside. And the other guy is a lot of fun as well.