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Book Review for One Night with the Laird by Nicola Cornick

One Night with the Laird - Nicola Cornick
Let me start off by saying that I absolutely loved this story.This is a first time read for me by this author and won't be the last already added some new titles to my to read pile.

Just loved the chemistry between Mairi and Jack it was explosive.The writer did a really great job creating a love story born from love and hate or more like a strong dislike of one another.The story was about a chance sexual encounter that started off as just a one night stand but turned into so much more.

What would you do if you woke up after having a one night of  no strings attached to realized that your chosen partner was one who you new and despised? What a surprise right ?How can you have a grand passion for someone you are suppose to hate.To make more things complicated the couple is related by a family marriage.
Mairi needs to put distance and between her and Jack and come to grips with her feelings before she encounters him again and he must never find out who he really spent the night with.Jack on the other hand has no idea who he spent the night with but, knows he must find her and explore his overwhelming feelings he now has for a girl he just met.
Wow ! This was one hot read bordering on a erotica novel.The sexual tension and sexual scenes the writer created were totally hot and enraging with a little bit of fun added.Not only that the story kept you totally clued to the pages.Who doesn't like a story with danger lurking about and a mystery to solve secrets to uncover or to see two people who were hurt by there past find love once again.Not only that who doesn't like to see the chase happen.In this case the cat a mouse game between the two was fun to see unfold nether looking for a lasting relationship but, cannot seem to let the other go.After all Jake is a rake a love and leave them type but,for once its nice to see the rake fall.
I always have a favorite character and Jack was mine.Jack was a total Rake with a troubled emotional past due a family tragedy.He has cut off his feelings and feels as though he is not worthy of love or happiness.A bit of a tortured soul .But, one single night with a mystery women changes his life even though he may not know it yet.Many describe Jack as a very dangerous man to be feared but ,we got to see a softer side of him as the story started to unfold and that there may be a heart buried there after all.
Mairi was and intriguing character a feisty strong and smart women . A women who is shouldering some major secrets that never must come to light and keeping those secrets has become a burden.She must never get that close to someone and become emotionally engaged on the off chance that someone will fret out her secrets and hurt the ones she loves.My heart broke for her at the sadness and loneliness she must feel.To constantly pretend to be someone your not must be exhausting.
A passionate and intriguing read.Loved reading the story from cover to cover.I would recommend this read to all and will be reading more in this series as I have just gained a new author to follow as she writes beautifully.