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There Be Dragons: Best Dragon Shifters in Romance Novels

Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison Accidental Mates: Draco (Book 1) - Brenda Steele Dragon Actually - G.A. Aiken The Barbarian Prince - Michelle M. Pillow Abandon  - Viola Grace Eternity and a Day: Desires of the Otherworld, Book 1 - Aline Hunter Ride The Stars/Once Bitten - Autumn Dawn Master of Dragons - Angela Knight Up In Smoke - Katie MacAlister Heart of the Dragon  - Gena Showalter
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Some of my favorite things are Dragons and Dragon Shifters are even better!


They fly, breath fire, ice, whatever, and horde.  They are big grumpy warrior men who shift in too even bigger, grumpier more deadly dragons. Awesome! 


Here are my favorite love stories featuring Dragon Shifters. A number of these are series that I recommend all of so I just noted the first book. 


1. Dragon Bound (A Novel of the Elder Races) by Thea Harrison


I am cursed with a terminal case of curiosity," he said. "I am jealous, selfish, acquisitive, territorial and possessive. I have a terrible temper, and I know I can be a cruel son of a bitch." He cocked his head. "I used to eat people, you know.”  Dragos


2. Accidental Mates: Draco (Book 1) by Brenda Steele Free! 


With temporary genetic enhancements to her body, to make her sexier, Harmony sneaks into the dragon shape-shifter’s room to either seduce him or kill him—whatever works to keep the beast from forcing her sister to marry him. The Drelconian lords were a race of the hottest men, with the “stiffest” equipment a girl could ever dream of. They descended to Earth looking for breeders in exchange for desperately needed fuel. And when Draco pinned her against a wall with an offer of all night fun as payment for releasing her sister from his bond, how could Harmony possibly refuse?


3. Dragon Actually (Dragon Kin) by G.A Aiken   Fergus 


Now. Now, Annwyl. No need to curtsy. A simple nod of your head and absolute worship will be more than enough.” 

4.. The Barbarian Prince (Dragon Lords) by Michelle Pillow


Going undercover at Galaxy Brides as one of the prospective mates to these Viking-like barbarians, Morrigan has no intention of getting chosen to stay. But when Ualan of the Draig picks her to be his wife with the aid of his mystically glowing crystal, it is all she can do to say no.

Waking up from a drug-induced night of torturous and unfulfilling pleasures, Morrigan discovers her spaceship has left without her and Ualan is claiming she is his wife. It's not exactly the story this reporter had in mind. And to make matters worse, Ualan refuses to take no for an answer. 


5.  Abandon - Half Blood Club book 3 by Viola Grace 


Graylin Treel is on a deadline. With only a few hours to go, she needs to put herself in the path of the dragon that she has chosen as a mate. The problem is, he thinks she is a pathetic human. When the glamour drops and their senses are aroused, can any structure of man take the heat of two dragons in the throes of passion?


6. Eternity and a Day (Desires of the Otherworld) by Aline Hunter


Dreading the one night per tide he's forced to travel between the realms, Draigen Eric Locke has only one desire on Samhain—to retrieve the fae transporting daemon relics through the realms and escort her to the Dark Court to face the sidhe king. When he mistakenly recovers the wrong fae, the dragon under his skin responds in a way he never could have predicted, and he discovers he's found the woman destined to him by the Fates—his Chosen. 


7. Ride the Stars/Once Bitten by Autumn Dawn 


Ever kissed a Drac? Careful, they bite....

Bali Itara is the daughter of a mad scientist and daddy's favorite toy. Domino is the man who can help her escape the madness, for his bite holds the cure. There's only one catch....


8. Master of Dragons (Mageverse) by Angela Knight


he last time fairy princess Nineva Morrow engaged in magic, evil forces rendered her an orphan-isolated and incapable of trusting in anyone's survival. But after years of hiding on Earth, she'll use her powers once more-and attract more knights than she can handle.


9. Up In Smoke: A Novel of the Silver Dragons  by Katie  MacAlister


“Carrie Fay always says that nothing is really horrible unless it eats away your face.” 


10. The Dracons' Woman (The Soul-Linked Saga) by Laura Jo Phillips 


One day Lariah Daniels is a beautiful but shy historical librarian on Earth. The next, she is fleeing across the galaxy from a sadistic crime lord who will stop at nothing to hunt her down and torture her for information about her sister, a psychic undercover agent for a shadowy intelligence organization. Lariah selects as her safe haven the distant, pastoral world of Jasan, known for its peaceful, rural setting, and the practice of its shifter inhabitants of mating three of their men to one human woman.


And one to grow on!


11. Heart of the Dragon (Atlantis) by Gena Showalter 


She stopped at the desk and held up a can for his view. "This looks like an ordinary hairspray can, right?"


"Of course." he said though he had no idea what hairspray was.



Who are your favorite Dragon Shifters? 


If you would like to look at pretty, pretty (scary) dragons and see some more recommendations, go to my Pinterest Board: There Be Dragons: Best Dragon Shifters in Romance Novels.