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Three of Hearts (Hamden Series #1) by W. Ferraro


 Three of Hearts 

  (Hamden Series #1)

    by W. Ferraro      

 5 stars
Reviewed by: Tonya
Published: AuthorHouse

Source:author copy Genre:Paranormal Romance

About Book

Mae Turney is searching for the type of life and happiness she has never known but has only dreamed about. She's fortunate enough to find a great opportunity to live in an exterior apartment of a beautiful lake house in a small town in Vermont. When she realizes the apartment and scenery are not the only gorgeous appeal but the home owner, Seth Finn, is as well, she puts it all on the line for the chance at love. When she becomes comfortable and confident in her own skin and sexuality, Mae realizes that this place and this man is exactly what she came looking for. Knowing Seth and his three children are as special as they come, Mae bets the house, and prays she and her gamble are enough.

My Thoughts

Let me just start by saying I really loved this book - every single aspect of it. I loved every single character there isn't one in there I didn't like - okay wait take that back just one - the nasty neighbor but she is just trifling and needs a good ole' fashioned down home beating to straighten her out.

I love how Mae sees herself - full figured, maybe not what society calls beautiful, but not ugly either. She jiggles in some places and plumps in others, long beautiful hair (wish I had that - lol) and great personality. I can completely relate to how Mae see's herself because that is how I see myself every day. Full Figured, Curves (not in the right places), not beautiful but by no means ugly either. So right away I related to Mae and could feel how she felt.

In comes Seth and his kids. A widower raising 2 boys and a daughter, with the help of his sister Ro and the Irish nanny Lynne. Connor is the oldest and loves to test his fathers buttons - oh wow does he sound a lot like my son at that age. Aidan is the middle child and always seems to just go with the flow, such a cutie and little Megan, the author described her perfectly "spitfire". Red hair and an attitude to go with it. LOL I loved her.

Mae is an Oncology nurse and has just moved to Hamden taking a job in the new Oncology wing. Of course her profession and where she worked touched me down to my very soul. My mother battled and lost that battle to cancer and to be a nurse for patients battling this horrible disease takes a very tough person, one with character, heart and soul. Mae is all of those things. My heart goes out to those who work in this field they are a God send to those whose lives they are involved in.

Seth is in a partnership with two good friends of his Dylan a real ladies man and Wes he is more laid back but a sly one. Right from the start Seth is thinking about Mae, thoughts that he doesn't understand why, but can't stop either. I had to laugh my butt off when his son Connor who also notices Mae's "attributes" as he calls them, calls his dad out, catching Seth off guard.

Connor noticed Mae first and made a bee line straight for her. After all, any 14 year old boy needed to hone his pick up skills on any hot babe he saw. "Hey Mae, how about letting me drive your sweet ride?"

Upon hearing the name and his question Seth immediately looked up and saw Mae sitting in his kitchen with a tea cup in her hand.

What the hell? Was this going to be an everyday thing? It is bad enough he couldn't sleep worth a damn last night without thinking she was just on the other side of his wall. Annoyed, Seth said "what's going on here? Having a tea party?" He realized he sounded rather rude, but he still couldn't help it. Both Mae and Lynne looked directly at him.

"Way to be a ladies' man, Dad." Connor said and decided he should get out of the line of fire. Connor joined Aidan and Megan on the couch.

OMG I laughed so hard at that I can see Seth's face after his son said that - I bet he sure was embarrassed. LOL and -ding-ding- round one goes to Connor - LOL :) :) :)

I so enjoyed the thoughts each one kept having about the other. Always wondering, assuming, guessing. But never coming out and saying how they feel about each other, constantly beating around the subject. I really loved when Mae had some of her male colleagues over to her place that she rented from Seth. He sees the guys and gets so angry. It was so funny, I was reading at my daughters softball practice and busted out laughing, everyone on the field stopped and stared at me. LOL :) :) :)

They promised to do it again soon and Mae knew that they would. She walked back to the stairs that led to her apartment and was just about to go in when she heard a deep voice coming from the deck.

"Have fun?"

Is that Seth? What the heck is he doing out here in the dark with no lights. Mae walked through her screened porch and out through the other door. Sure enough there was Seth sitting in the same seat he had the night him and Dylan were drinking beer. But this time there was no music and there was no light.

Mae said "Sorry Seth, I didn't know you were there. Were we too loud?" Knowing she was feeling giddy from the wine, it was very likely she had been too loud. She didn't want to set a bad precedent with the homeowner.

"No you and your boy toys were not loud at all, but I have to say you didn't strike me as the type to be into threesomes," Seth hissed feeling rage as his words led to vivid mental images.

Mae was sure the wine was now affecting her hearing. "I'm sorry what did you say?"

"I said you didn't strike me to be the type that would be into group sex."

She was incredulous at his accusation. "I beg your pardon Seth I don't know what you are talking about and I do not appreciate you speaking to me like that. What I do in my apartment, that I pay rent for, and with whom, is none of your damn business." Her bravado definitely was enhanced by the wine, but it was also making her stomach roll.

She started to walk to the porch door when suddenly she was pushed so her back was against the door and her head was between both of Seth's big hands. His mouth was close to her ear, he spoke softly. "Do you have any idea what it is like to walk around all day with a hard on thinking about you and then to see you with two guys?"

Mae tipped her head up so she was looking at his face. His eyes were wide and his mouth was inches away from her forehead. Before she could move or say anything he whispered "and even knowing you were just with two guys, I can't suppress the need to kiss you right now."

Without knowing it, her body moved, Mae went up on tip toes and touched her lips to his. His goatee was scratchy but his lips were soft. The kiss started sweet but quickly went to hot in seconds, remaining on her tip toes she put her arms around his neck and opened her mouth to him. The first lick of his tongue was intoxicating. His lips and tongue moved as if dancing to music. Mae had never been kissed like this. She felt liquid need all the way to her toes. By the time he ended the kiss, they were both panting.

His hands were moving up and down her sides, enjoying her softness, her warmth.

"They're gay," she whispered against his lips.

"Thank God," and with that Seth kissed Mae again.

Now you can't tell me that was not funny. I was laughing so hard - I can just see his face as she is walking the guys out. Beat red, horny and madder than a hornet all at the same time and poor Mae hasn't got a clue what is coming. An Irish bulldozer ready to pounce - LOL

OMG I so love the playful banter that Mae and Seth have between each other it is so cute. You can see just how much he is falling for her and her for him. Oh how sweet it would be to have this kind of budding romance (okay okay I am officially jealous now – move over Mae I am taking over – LOL) I mean come on who wouldn’t love getting a bouquet of roses at work with a card that reads

“I hope this morning’s bathroom banter was the first of many. – S”

OMG – LOVE IT!!!!!!!

And did I already say the love scenes, okay the sex scenes, wow – lets just say have a glass of ice cold water, no a jug and get ready for many cold showers because what goes on between Seth and Mae phew that puts any movie to shame it is hot and heavy, sweet and intense, and sometimes just down right Oh-La-La baby!!!!!! They are so hot I can’t put an excerpt here for fear I may cause some of you to rush out and not finish reading my review – LOL

I love Seth's friend and business partner Dylan throughout the entire story. As hot as Seth is, Dylan is OMG HOTTER!!!! "Bad Boy" with a capital "B". Tumble in the sheets, lots of fun HOT!!!. LOL Cocky and very sure of himself. And he gives Seth a hard time throughout the entire story about Mae - I loved it.

Oh I have to share this as its one of my favorite comments from Seth about Mae when he is talking to Dylan - it is one of those "AWEEEEEEEE" moments -

"God D, she is like nothing I've ever known. I crave her as if I can't survive without her." Seth breathed as he focused on a watermark on the ceiling."

OMG tell me you didn't just melt reading that because I know my heart ♥ did flip flops when I read that. What I wouldn't give to have a guy say and feel that about me.

Of course what would a good love story be without some bumps in the road and boy do they have a dozy of a bump in the road. Mae is keeping a secret from Seth, and when he finds out, lets just say that his Irish temper comes flying out. I am Irish myself and wow did Seth even take me back a few steps. My heart was breaking for Mae and aching for Seth all at the same time. How one evil conniving person who doesn't have the full story and opens their trap can turn people's worlds upside down in a flash. Of course when one doesn't give another a chance to explain and lashes out - even more damage is done.

But alas don't fret because what is better than a huge fight and break up - - - yep you guessed it the make up "SEX" and all the rest too. LOL I mean come on when a love like theirs is written in the stars you know somehow, someway they are going to make it back to one another. It may take a while, it may take a lot of knocking sense into someone, but eventually the dots connect and things become right again in the world.

I want to part with this simple conversation that brought yet even more tears to my eyes it was so tender and so sweet -

"I do." Mae's father answered, placing her hand in Seth's and saying, "You take care of my girl"

"Yes sir," Seth said, believing fully in this vow as well as the ones to come.

Final suggestions - 3 Pack of Kleenex & an Oxygen tank (for the air you will need after laughing)



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