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Keen Minds: Best Genius Heroines Of Historical Romance

Midsummer Moon - Laura Kinsale To Sin With A Scoundrel - Cara Elliott My Darling Caroline - Adele Ashworth Scandal - Amanda Quick Scoundrel - Elizabeth Elliott Velvet Song (Montgomery, #4) - Jude Deveraux Midnight Honor - Marsha Canham Not Quite a Husband - Sherry Thomas Mr. Impossible - Loretta Chase As You Desire - Connie Brockway
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Clever, clever woman.  Pursue knowledge that is denied to you.  Have a talent of your very own.  Makes an excellent heroine.


Here are some great genius heroines of historical romance!


1. Midsummer Moon by Laura Kinsale:  Merlin Lambourne, Inventor 

2. To Sin With A Scoundrel  by Cara Elliott: Lady Ciara Sheffield, Scientist 

3. My Darling Caroline by Adele Ashworth: Caroline Grayson, Botany  

4. Scandal by Amanda Quick:  Emily Faringdon, Investment Genius 

5. Scoundrel by Elizabeth Elliott: Lady Lily Walters, Code Breaker

6. Velvet Song by Jude Deveraux: Alyxandria Blackett Musical genius. 

7. Midnight Honor by Marsha Canham: Colonel Anne Moy

8. Not Quite a Husband by Sherry Thomas: Bryony Asquith, Surgeon 

9.Mr. Impossible  by Lorretta Chase: Daphne Pembroke, Scholar

10. As You Desire: by Connie Brockway: Desdemona Carlisle, Child Prodigy 


Please tell me your favorite Genius Historical Heroine! Add to by huge TBR pile.


If you would like to vote for the best of the best, go to the Goodreads list: Keen Minds: Best Genius Heroines Of Historical Romance


If you would love to learn more about female genius through the ages, check out my Pinterest Board: Sexy Smart: Genius Heroines in Romance Novels. 




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