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Devilish Devlins Series Diana Duncan

Devilish Devlins Series Diana Duncan


Book 1


Deal with the Devil ★★★★


Paradise for software designer Cynthia Wagner means uninterrupted solitude to invent a brilliant video game, and save her job. But renovations on her city apartment forc e her to seek refuge in a temporary rental in the ‘burbs. The promised Paradise morphs into Purgatory when she meets her new neighbor, a deliciously tempting Irish rogue sporting a wicked grin and to-die-for body. Worse, the handsome bachelor has noisy, drooly, havoc-creating baggage on his hands for the summer… rambunctious five-year-old twin nephews, a baby niece, and the kids’ yappy dog. Rory Devlin is a dangerous distraction and he’s hiding a naughty secret. Jackhammers and contractors would have provided more peace and quiet. Stuck in the Suburbs of the Damned with Mr. Uncle-Turned-Mom and his wild menagerie, Cynthia struggles to meet her deadline. But she struggles more with her undeniable attraction to her devlish-ous neighbor. Could it be that what she’s mistaken for Hell is actually the Heaven she’s been searching for?


Book 2


Devil May Care


Free-wheeling rogue Flynn Devlin roars into Marisa Matheson's well-ordered life on a Harley, with a devil-may-care attitude, a body made for sin, and an Irish lilt that could charm the panties off a nun. Exactly the kind of bad boy she doesn't need. Except Flynn also possesses magic talent with a camera--something she desperately needs to keep her wedding planning business from tanking after her regular photographer is injured. Flynn Devlin is the only thing standing between Marisa and complete financial ruin. He's also hiding a damning secret from her. All in the name of love, but still...Flynn knows that when the lass who's capturing his heart as easily as he captures images finds out he's not what he claims to be, all hell will break loose. And his devil-may-care attitude doesn't include his heart. Because this devil doesn't want just a fling with his stubbornly independent lass...he wants forever.