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Book Review for Rewound D.T.Dyllin

Rewound - D.T. Dyllin

By: D.T. Dyllin
  5 stars
Reviewed by:Angels
Published: D.T.Dyllin
Source: Gifted Gene: New Adult Romance/Erotica/Time Travel Romance

Dezdamona Kabinosh is on a mission—a mission of love. And she traveled back in her own timeline to complete it. After being betrayed by her husband she’s seeking a second chance at love, and Dez has come up with the perfect plan.

One problem though… Jaxson Kabinosh, her future husband, has also traveled back in time and he’s determined to keep Dez for himself. Who will win the ultimate battle for Dez’s heart? Jaxson, or her possible rebound guy?

Our Review

Wow ! What can I say what a great read.I was engrossed in the books pages from the very first pages.What a page turner !This was my first book from this author and will not be the last.I have several of her other titles in my to read pile that just got bump up on the list as I look forward to reading more from this author.

What if you had a chance to go back and time and have a life do over? Well Dez gets her chance and has decided to rekindle an old romance that she passed on so many years ago with her college sweetheart Owen.The problem is that her current hubby has travel back in time to make sure that relationship never has a chance to even spark.

Wow ! love the main characters of the story Dez and Jaxson and Shona.But, if I had to pick a favorite it would be Jaxson.Wow! that was one hot guy all rolled into one very hot and sexy package any women would kill for. Jaxon is not a very complicated character he is so in love with his wife that he will do anything to win her back even  act the fool.His wife loves romance novels and her head is filled with fantasies of what true love should be so he is willing to act out her fantasies just to have her back in his arms again and in his bed.

I applauded Jaxson really he had the patience of a saint .Others would have walked away but, he stayed and tried to convince her that the truly did belong together.The problem is Dez is constantly pushing him away and he does not know why she left him to begin with.How could she not  know how much he really loved her ?

I have to tell you this was one hot read.This couple definitely sizzled in and out of bed.The sex between this couple was explosive .Not only that but you could tell that they were so in love with each other it was sad that Dez keep letting her insecurities get the better of her. Jaxon pulled out all the stops to win her back that was for sure.But, Jaxson new that he could not lose the love of his life and that is what is on the line.There back in time starting over she no longer belongs to him and he could very well lose her forever.I felt Jaxson's pain ,his fear of losing his one true love forever.He really was very scared and  afraid that he would not succeed in reality he was a confident and a level headed guy.

Dez on the other hand  she annoyed me at sometimes.I have to tell you I wanted to smack her a few times. Dez and Jaxson truly belong together it's all her insecurities keeping them apart.She needed to get a grip with her hangups and get over them before its to late.I found Dez to be a very passionate and loving women regardless of what her head keep telling her.She could not seem to let go of Jaxson no matter what she tried.She truly did love him so that is why her actions were always so confusing.

This couple had a chance for a do over and fall in love all over again.Would there love be stronger this time or lost forever?

This book had a twist that you did not see coming that helped the couple along in there happily ever after.This was one wild ride with a surprise ending that had me crying ...

A recommended read to all.A great erotica romance with like-able and enjoyable characters and some very hot sex scenes.I enjoyed being on there journey together in finding there way back to one another. What a wonderful story.Looking forward to the authors future books to come.