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Book Review for Borderland Betrayal by Samantha Holt


Borderland Betrayal
By: Samantha Holt
  5 stars
Reviewed by:Tonya
Published: Samantha Holt
Source:Purchased Gene: Historical Romance


To Captain James, duty means everything. He’s worked hard to ensure the safety of the people of Thornewall and now the border reiver threat is gone and the recovery from the plague is well underway, he finds himself questioning his life. 

The arrival of the vibrant Ellise only confuses him further. When he catches Ellise thieving, instead of wanting to let the law deal with her, he finds he longs to take a more personal approach… a much more personal approach.

Having lived on the edge of society for many years, Ellise is used to scraping for a living and she knows moments of happiness are few and far between. So she leaps at the chance to spend one sensual night with the handsome captain. Just one night and then she’ll be gone.

To her astonishment, fate throws her back into James’ sights when she accepts a job at Thornewall to look after the pregnant lady. Although the attraction still burns between them, she cannot give into it. One night has to be enough as she has far too many secrets. Should the honourable captain ever discover them, it would be more than her heart that would be at risk. Her life could well be at stake too…

Our Review

Oh Samantha my dear – you made my heart melt, pitter patter and all that good mushy stuff. I am so happy that James was the main male character in this next book in the Borderland Legacy series. The poor dear really deserved to finally find a piece of what Jake and Dominic have. Of course with James he needed a woman who was a spit fire and could hold her own against this honorable, yet stubborn man. And Ellise was just the woman he needed.


The first meeting between Ellise and James was priceless, lord I laughed so hard but at the same time feared for what he might do to her. Back then thieves where thought of too kindly, even if circumstances left no choice. But Ellise stood her ground and gave him a whats what and left the man breathless. I knew right then that James would lose. His heart that is and Ellise would be the winner of that golden prize.


A disturbance broke out nearby and James instinctively thrust an arm in front of her as the two men crashed into a table and sprawled on the floor. He almost missed the tug on his belt as the woman’s intrepid fingers delved into his money pouch. Had he been inebriated, he doubted he would have noticed.

As the two fighting men were shoved out of the building by the burly innkeeper, James snatched her wrist and yanked it from his bag. She gave a slight cry and her eyes widened in alarm as he held her hand out in front of him, a coin clearly clasped between her fingers.

“I think that mayhap I cannot afford the cost of your herbs, lass. Here I did not realise they would cost me all of my coin.”

“P-pray,” she tugged away from him but James tightened his grip, “forgive me, sir. I had no intention of…”

“Robbing me?”

“Nay! Nay…I am desperate. Pray, my lord, I shall cause no trouble again, I swear it. Just release me and I shall hand you back your coin.”
James plucked the coin from her fingers and slid it safely into his leather pouch. Her reaction appeared to be one of genuine fright, not something he expected from a seasoned thief. In his experience, they usually attempted to worm their way out of trouble using quick tongues and even quicker movements. The lass had a quick tongue to be sure, but it seemed she had lost the use of it.
“My lord, I beg of you…” She wriggled against his hold.
“Calm down, lass. I’ll not see you punished but I trust you will not thieve again.”
“I will not,” she promised breathlessly. “I am not a bad woman, pray believe that.”



And just like that it begins. I won’t spoil it for you because that just wouldn’t be fair. But Lord the pull between James and Ellise is so strong yet they both continue to fight it. When James thinks he will never see this beautiful exotic looking woman again she shows up in the one place he never expected her to. And she gets his blood to boiling fast. Of course she does the same to him. I love how they both fight what they so clearly want but deny that they do.


When all hope seems lost, when trust is broken, when backs are turned what will happen – hurry and get your copy of Borderland Betrayal and find out what becomes of James and Ellise.

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