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Best Historical Romance Series with Brothers

Her Warrior King - Michelle Willingham Texas Destiny - Lorraine Heath The Duke - Gaelen Foley Rose  - Leigh Greenwood The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie  -  Jennifer Ashley Taming the Wolf - Deborah Simmons Slightly Married - Mary Balogh Unspoken (Heroes of the Highlands #1) (The MacLauchlans) - Kerrigan Byrne Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake - Sarah MacLean Autumn Lover (Maxwells, #1) - Elizabeth Lowell
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I love to follow characters through a series and what better way than to do that than with a family with lots of brothers? Here are some of the best Historical Romance Series featuring biological brothers! 



1.  MacEgan Brothers by  Michelle Willingham


     Her Warrior King - Patrick MacEgan 

     Her Irish Warrior-  Bevan MacEgan

    The Warrior's Touch- Connor MacEgan 

    Taming Her Irish Warrior-  Ewan MacEgan

     Surrender to an Irish Warrior- Trahern MacEgan

     Warriors in Winter- Liam MacEgan 


2.  Texas Trilogy (Leigh Brothers) by Lorraine Heath


     Texas Destiny- Houston Leigh

     Texas Glory- Dallas Leigh

    Texas Splendor-Austin Leigh 


3. Knight Miscellany (The Knight Brothers) by Gaelen Foley


    The Duke-  Duke of Hawkscliffe 

    Lord of Fire- Lord Lucien Knight 

   Lord of Ice- Damien Knight, the earl of Winterley

   One Night of Sin- Lord Alec Knight

   His Wicked Kiss- Lord Jack Knight


4. Seven Brides (The Randolph Brothers) by Leigh Greenwood


   Rose- George Randolph

   Fern- Madison Randolph

   Iris- Monty Randolph 

  Laurel- Hen Randolph

  Daisy- Tyler Randolph

  Violet- Jefferson Randolph

   Lily- Zac Randolph



5. Highland Pleasures (The MacKenzie Brothers) By Jennifer Ashley


    The Madness of Lord Ian MackenzieLord Ian Mackenzie

    Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage- Lord Mac Mackenzie

    The Many Sins of Lord Cameron - Cameron Mackenzie 

    The Duke's Perfect Wife- Hart Mackenzie


6. de Burghs (the de Burghs Brothers)  Deborah Simmons


     Taming the Wolf- Dunstan deBurgh

     The De Burgh Bride- Geoffrey de Burgh

    Robber Bride-  Simon de Burgh 

    My Lord De Burgh- Stephen de Burgh 

    My Lady De Burgh- Robin de Burgh


7.  Bedwyn Saga (The Bedwyn Brothers) By Mary Balogh


     Slightly Married- Aidan Bedwyn

    Slightly Wicked- Lord Rannulf Bedwyn

     Slightly Sinful- Lord Alleyne Bedwyn

    Slightly Dangerous-  Duke of Bewcastle


8. The MacLauchlans (The MacLauchlan Brothers)  By Kerrigan Byrne


    Unspoken- Roderick MacLauchlan 

    Unwilling- Laird Connor MacLauchlan

    Unwanted- Finn 


9. Love By Numbers (The St. John Brothers) By Sarah MacLean


   Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake - Gabriel St. John

   Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord -  Nicholas St. John


10.  Only (The Maxwell Brothers) By Elizabeth Lowell 


       Autumn Lover - Hunter Maxwell

      Winter Fire - Case Maxwell 



Did I miss your favorite? Let me know!


To vote for the best of the best go to the Goodreads list: Best Historical Romance Series with Brothers.


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Later this week you can look forward to list about brothers in Paranormal and Contemporary Romance as well as those wonderful Band of Brothers series.