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Book Review for Gunner: Satan's Fury MC- Memphis (Satan's Fury- Memphis Book 5)

Gunner: Satan's Fury MC- Memphis (Satan's Fury- Memphis Book 5) Kindle Edition - L. Wilder



Wow this story start out with on heck of a bang! Right from the beginning the author drew you in.This story was Gunners and Aggies but ,Gus was affected in this story as well.One of the things I love most about the story and that so many of the members and other MC members were so much of this story this time around.


I loved Aggie she was a strong and brave female character who braved the lions den in order to save her daughter and we just loved that.We love strong female characters.


Secrets Secrets and More Secrets exposed!

The story was filled with great characters and was action-ed packed from beginning to end and was a bit of emotional as well and we loved that.

One thing we loved about the story is that this author makes it easy to fall in love with their characters easily and we did just that.Like Aggie's daughter who was utterly precious....


Overall we loved it from beginning to end and the intrigue kept us turning the pages to the bitter end.We loved the chemistry this couple had and those hot sexy hot scenes but, also loved that the story affected your emotions on some level because you went through some of the same emotions as some of its characters.

Another winner in this on going series as we are so loving it !


5 stars from us


HERO (Unfit Hero #2) - Hayley Faiman



Let's start off by saying we really love this author and her works and we love anything she writes so we were so glad to get to read her latest story with Wyatt in this brand new series.After the first book we were already half in love with Wyatt's character as he was such a great guy, a great friend and lent a helping hand to his cousin Ryland to get his life back on track.

This was an emotional tale for sure.Wyatt was a little bit broken and unlucky in love but, one thing he craves is what his cousin Ryland has and that is a family and the love of a good women.Wyatt was lonely and ready to settle down now he just found the perfect women if only he can convince Exeter to be his one and only.

Exeter comes from and abusive family and was raped repeatably for years but, after years of therapy she is working through her issues but, one thing she still feels is the shame and thinks she is dirty and worthless and no one could love a women like her long term as she still feels undeserving of a good man.

Exeter and Wyatt had amazing chemistry and were hotter than heck together and both shared a past that have left them a little bit broken but, Wyatt sees something in Exeter and knows she was special and meant to be his.This was one hot read with tons of super hot and sexy scenes.The story was also fast paced as Wyatt pretty much took their relationship warp speed and Exeter was just along for the ride.

Overall we loved this cast of characters and we loved that our favorites were revising with some of our favorites.My heart went out to both characters for the pain they suffered but, for Exeter my heart just bleed but, I loved that she didn't let what happen to her ruin her life and she went on and pursued her dreams and with a whole lot of persistence and persuasion by Wyatt found the love and happiness she deserved.

We loved Wyatt and all his alpha-ness and how he pretty much steamed rolled Exeter in falling in love with him but, along the way he let go of his past and moved forward and is making his dreams of a family of his own a reality.

We loved this current installment in this on going series.

Brash - S.C. Daiko



We really enjoyed this island romance story.The story had great characters that we absolutely loved.The story was super hot and steamy and one than contained a playboy and a women who lead a sheltered life but, one that wanted to spread her wings

Brash lived up to his name.We found him to be sexy and sinful,a panty dropper,possessive,protective and a bit of a-a-hole more than a few times but, we also saw a man grow up and finally deal with his feelings that kept him living in the past .We saw Brash finally experiencing real happiness something that he hadn't felt in a really long time.

Aly was sweet and kind and not the spoiled Mafia princess everyone thinks but, she lead a sheltered life that left her innocent in more ways than one.I loved that she was creative and resourceful and protective and we loved seeing her also grow and spread her wings.

This was a really a fun and sexy read.This couple had tons of chemistry that lead to a lot of hot and dirty sex .It was fun and had a bit of suspense but, it also had a few surprises along the way.The story had the perfect ending and we loved seeing how it all played out .We loved seeing that do to this couples adventures it changed both them for the better in more ways than one and that their outlook on life.  Their love for one another and the simplest things are now what made them the happiest they have ever been and we loved that about them.

An enjoyable read to pass the time.

Still laughing my butt off ! My littlest grand-daughter just turned to her grandfather because he was yelling at her and said calm down you beast. ( Beauty in the Beast is her favorite movie of late lol) Omg ! I can't stopping laughing she is only three....

Book Review for Indiscretion by Lane Hart

Indiscretion: A Standalone Forbidden Romance - Lane  Hart


Let's start off by saying that I am really glad that I found this author as her books are incredible and her MC Romance series was simply brilliant and she has definitely climbed to the top of my favorite authors list for 2019.What I love most about this author is she makes it easy for us to fall in love with her characters easily and I did just that almost right from the very beginning of reading this story.

I always pick a favorite character to rave about and mine is going to be Grant. OMG! Not only was the man smokin hot but,he was a charmer as well and his voice alone with his sensual dirty talk and heated looks were enough to make a girl panties wet !I just loved him! For him it was almost love a first sight when it came to Sam but, more like uncontrollable lust and one look at the sexy beautiful long legged beauty and he new she would eventually be his undoing.

We loved Sam as well as the sexy beauty was beautiful,cunning,loving,funny and had one heck of a sense of humor but, she was also deceitful but, not in a mean or vindictive way. but, her bad choices were about to bring harsh consequences and harsh punishments not only to herself but, for the man she claimed to love.

Overall we love the story from beginning to very end and the story was the kind that had you on the sit of your pants the entire time waiting for the ball to drop knowing that your forbidden romance with each other is about to come to light and to come with some very heavy consequences. I loved that although the outcome was anticipated the twist that came next was not and we just love when that happens.

The story was filled with a cast of amazing characters and we just loved them all.I love a story where your drawn to someone who you instantly know is bad for you but, you do it anyway and where you become someones addition that makes you loose all sense of self preservation and good judgement.Got to love a possessive man and Grant was just that and that was his downfall and they are all you constantly think about day and night that they have become your obsession but, on the flip side something wonderful and beautiful and everlasting comes from it all giving you the happily ever after you always envisioned for yourself.

"That is my kind of Read!

Book Review for Alessio by Bethany Kris

Alessio (The Guzzi Legacy Book 2) Kindle Edition - Bethany-Kris


Wow ! Another winner in my book just loved the conclusion to Corrado and Alessio's story.The more stories I read by this author the more I fall in love with her works.

This story was gripping and intense and emotional. Alessio has become one of my favorite characters as I found him intense,deadly,sexy as sin and you could not help be drawn to the bad boy and the aura that constantly surrounds him screams "Danger Beware".I feel head over heels for him right from the very beginning.I loved seeing a different side to him this time around where we saw a side of himself that he keeps locked away.

I will say that my heart broke for him time and time again because it seem that he was always the one making sacrifices in his and Corrado's relationship until he is confronted with decision whether Corrado is worth one more sacrifice.

Corrado has betrayed Alessio and is risking the life he has made with

this man he loves but, the have unfinished business and things left have be unsaid and unresolved and to top of all that Corrado has gone and fallen in love with a women he was sworn to protect.

Overall we loved the complicated loved story .Alessio and Corrado are perfect for each other and are seriously hot as hell together and they work or so in seems until Ginevra is thrown into their mix and then she brings something else to the table that makes each man feel complete. Ginevra needs to decide whether she is in or out as these man come as a package deal each man is completely different yet have so much in common and for that fact alone this women can have the best of both worlds when it comes to sexual gratification and love, laughter and companionship.

Loved it from beginning to end and Alessio and Corrado are not characters that you would likely forget


Book Review for Taking Her Down by Jordan Marie

Taking Her Down (Savage Brothers Second Generation Book 1) Kindle Edition - Jordan Marie

What a great story that had hot alpha's and strong sassy women.The story had me laughing out loud the entire story.I am so glad that the author decided to do a second generation series and we loved being revisited by so many of our favorite characters.

Chains was one hot sexy men that was a hot alpha ,sex on a stick ,dominate,possessive and one heck of a dirty talker but, also was a man who new what he wanted and just took it.

Kayden’s father Dragon who is the President of the Savage Brothers MC that we absolutely love love love. She is feisty, fierce ,sassy, speaks her mind, has brass balls, tells it like it is and is a firecracker for sure and not about to back down from a challenge.

Chains and Kayden had major chemistry and they were super hot together whether in bed or out of it.Fierce attraction is what they had for each other but, it was more so much more they were what each other needed they would be a challenge to one another each and every day of ones life.The sex was super hot and sexy and definitely fan worthy.

Overall it was one hot tale that we loved to the bitter end.We absolutely loved the old ladies they were funny as heck and we loved that all the men were pussy whipped and not afraid to admit it and we loved seeing the men still loving their women fiercely as ever .Kayden always wanted what her mother and father had and she got that with Chains as her life with him with always be filled with love, passion, romance,dominance and a whole lot of sexy times! Dragon you never disappoint your still they same old Dragon that we fell in love with all those years ago! That Nicole is one lucky old lady for sure!



Book Review for Finn by Jessie Cooke

FINN: Phoenix Skulls Motorcycle Club (Skulls MC Romance Book 24) - Jessie Cooke



Another good read from Ms Cooke that had great characters that was full of suspense and one that was filled with a ton of emotion and where you felt you on a roller coaster.
From the previous books we already loved Finn and we were half in love with him but, this time around our heart broke for him time and time again as the guy never seemed to catch a break. Recovering from his addictions was hard enough but, throwing his father into the mix and his betrayals and stepping back into his life on top of everything else after trying to get his life together might just be more than he can handle .
Finn has been a dead man walking for sometime and now he has a new identity and we felt he was thrust into a life he never deserved.The story was a definite roller coaster with a lot going on betrayals, murder, kidnapping and a ton of lies and during all the chaos he finally found love.
Caitlin and Finn had major chemistry she is a good girl who was sheltered and protected and is good and wholesome and everything Finn craves and wants yet feels he doesn't deserve but, Caitlin is more that meets the eye and she will fight for what she wants and she was Finn aka Snake.
As always the story just sucks you right in and has you turning the pages to the very end and it was another gripping tale.We throughly enjoyed it. We loved the characters and loved that are favorites graced the pages as well we always enjoy revisiting them.
As always looking forward to the next book in the series and we are so loving it and re-read others in the series all the time as it is just a great series.
Justified: Includes a bonus novella (Loveless Series Book 1) Kindle Edition - Jay Crownover


Let's start off by saying this is a first time author for us and we really enjoyed our first read by them.

The story started off with a bang and continued to be full of suspense to the very end.We love these small town romances where everybody knows everybody.The story was full with a ton of surprises and were surprised at every new reveal some we suspected others we didn't see coming.

This was one of those complicated friends to lovers stories or enemies to lovers I guess you could say both but, no matter Case and Aspen have some major chemistry going on.

Case and Aspen have a history some good and some bad but ,now she is a lawyer and he is the town sheriff but, both have common goals even though they should be enemies do to their chosen professions.

The story was a complicate one with a lot of moving parts and with a lot of history between this couple making things already complicated but, with Aspen in trouble they have to find a way to get along.

Overall we loved it! We loved the characters and the plot that was full of twists and turns.We loved the sweet love story between both Aspen and Case as it was heartfelt and or so endearing.The story was also about change and growth and letting go of the past and living with past regrets but, moving forward and finding the perfect someone to complete you.I have to say one character stood out the most and that was Kody and we are so looking forward to seeing more of her in future stories to come as well as her own because that girl is one heck of a firecracker that made us laugh out loud time and time again and she is also a little bad*** and we totally loved her.

An amazing start to a brand new series that we plan on continuing with as we are hooked !