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Book Review for Among Ash & Ember by Dani Rene

Among Ash and Ember: A New Adult Standalone Kindle Edition - Dani René


Omg !What a great story we loved it from beginning to end. The story was tragic and intense and edgy and had a love story like no other.Secrets Secrets nothing but secrets.

We loved the characters of the story they were and electric bunch. Katerina aka Kitten was feisty and determined and sweet,kind and loving and take no crap kind of girl who wasn't afraid to speak her mind.

Ash was hard and dominate and a -hole most of the time but, accepted that part of himself and he was little bit broken and waded down by secrets.

The story was filled with drama and romance and a whole lot of sadness.One minute you were laughing the next you were crying.Ember we loved him he made us laugh and well as cried also he was the light to the darkness that was his twin Ash.

A well written story that had us engrossed from the very first pages and we fell head over heels in love with each and every character.


Book Review for Save Grace by Rie Warren

Save Grace (Blood Legion MC #2) - Rie Warren



What a heart wrenching story this was!The story had you engrossed from the very first pages.The story was full of pain and one of acceptance but, one man fought for the both of them and for the women he loved to be free and failing was not an option.
Killian and Grace had one of the oddest courtship that I have read about but, it was cute in an endearing sort of way as Killian fought to gain Grace's trust in order get her our for the life she is currently living because poor Grace was traded and sold into sexual slavery yet again.
Grace we met in book one where she was forced to whore herself by a group of horrible people but, she also got caught up in the war between the MC and White Lair and just disappeared but, not forgotten but, yet again Grace has been thrown into yet again other sick game her master is now playing but, this time around she might not survive once its played out.
I loved Grace and Killian together as Killian wore his heart on his sleeve the entire time and they had amazing chemistry together . My heart bleed for Grace time and time again and not only for what she had survived so far but, for the pain that was coming her way yet again.
Killian and Grace had chemistry but, they also had a amazing friendship that developed into so much more.We loved that Killian courted Grace in the only way he could even if it was a bit unconventional but it was a bunch of firsts for Grace her first kiss,first date and first love and something that was freely given between a couple who genuinely cared for one another.
Overall all the story was full of suspense and had drama and villainous characters and one whooping big surprise that you never saw coming.The story was one big emotional roller coaster for both the reader and its characters.We enjoyed it.
We are enjoying this series and looking forward to our next read.
4 stars form us

Book Review Sinful Agreement by Faith Starr

Sinful Agreement Kindle Edition - Faith Starr



We loved Gabe and Abby's story from beginning to end.We are really loving The Hilltops Trilogy so far and are slowly making our way through it but, loving it.This novella was a great treat and great addition to this on going series.
Gabe-We loved the player from the onset of the story.We found him to be fun,sexy,caring and had a whole lot of that caveman possessive/protective instinct going on for a girl he just met and this just made us  love him even more.
Abby-We loved her too ! We loved that she was sweet,kind,loving and had that down to earth vibe about her and one willing to make some steep personal sacrifices to her life and body in order to save her sister.Abby did not have the best upbringing yet, she still remained innocent in a lot of ways and we loved that about her because she could have become a bitter women but, that sweet soul of hers survived.We loved that the others saw her beauty withing as well as the beauty on the outside and she remained clueless to both because she never considered her special or worthy of love.
We loved the chemistry between Gabe ans Abby as they were smokin hot together in and out of bed.I loved that Gabe was attracted to Abby because of her innocence and not just her good looks but, Gabe new that what lurked beneath the surface was a dirty girl wanting to be let out and he was just the man to do it.There were quite a few hot sexy scenes that had a girl fanning herself...Grins....
Overall the story was packed with tons of heat and heart and love but, also about sacrifice even though to do so was slowing killing Abby each and everyday and as the days passed her by and we saw a whole lot of betrayal going on that we never saw coming.We loved seeing the playboy fall hard and fast and that a beautiful kind soul did just that just by being her plain old self. lol 
We loved it and a recommended read to all and be sure to check out the Hilltops  Trilogy its worth the read.We couldn't help but fall right in love with this stories character's right from the very beginning and remained that way to the very end.
Goes into our keep pile to be read over and over again.Faith Starr is climbing to the top of my list of my favorite erotica authors! 

Book Review for Davan part 1 by Penny Blush

Barber Shop Ink - Davan: Part 1 - Penny Blush



Let's start off by saying this is a brand new author for us and we thoroughly enjoyed our first read by them.
This was story unique I have never read a book like this before so it was a bit refreshing.This story was a bit emotional but, not in a heart wrenching way.Emmaline and what is happening to her it tragic and sad and even though she is dying her life is about living her last days to the fullest and making new friends and love and laughter and seeing to her family before she goes.I found this women to be so strong and brave and loving and we loved her witty sense of humor.
Then you have Davan who was the complete opposite and bit of a bear and controlling and overwhelming and threating and his constant presence is like that but, due to his occupation you understand him better this way and why he is the way he is but, his situation makes him vulnerable and he just hates that and he is an honorable man.
Davan and Pia (nickname) definitely had chemistry and their romance was a bit unconventional but, it made for some really laugh out loud moments and some heartbreaking ones to.We loved the love hate kind of thing going on between the two but, it  really wasn't hate just a whole lot of bad timing and  the situation itself.
We loved the unlikely friendships that formed and you could tell that if things were different it would be a lasting one.Then you had Pia friends who made us laugh time and time again and how Pia's work situation here again made some pretty laugh out loud moment as well.
Overall we really enjoyed the story from cover to cover.The story made us sad but, it was also funny and then you had some some really interesting surprises that arose with its character's that we didn't see coming.We really loved the characters and found them fun and refreshing.Looking forward to part two of the series and the series itself whetted by appetite to go back a read the series from the very beginning.


Cara & Gian: The Complete Guzzi Duet Kindle Edition - Bethany-Kris


This story was one sexy hot and amazing read.I just love this author she is definitely the Queen of Mafia romance reads.I have read a lot of Mafia romance reads of late and this one just shot up to my top 5 reads for 2019.
Cara and Gian story was erotic and intriguing and full with a ton of drama,suspense,death destruction,betrayals and a love story the survived the odds.
Cara was my favorite  as she was one fierce and determined women who took a lot of public humiliation to be with the man that she loved with her whole heart.I loved her from the onset of the story.She was beautiful, kind strong and a speak like it kind of gal and you could not help but, love her from the very first pages.
Gian was a character that you just could not help but, fall in love with.We loved the sexy playboy with his witty personality and charismatic ways and lets not forget the sexy and sin dark looks and bad boy ways.
Overall we loved it as it was a page turner that had amazing characters and their was never a dull moment going on in the story and it was so suspenseful that it kept you on edge the entire time.
Recommended read to all!

Book Review for Jace: Phoenix Skulls Motorcycle Club

JACE: Phoenix Skulls Motorcycle Club (Phoenix Skulls MC Romance Book 2) - Jessie Cooke



We loved this story from beginning to end.Jessie Cooke definitely one of our top favorite MC author as she is and amazing story teller.
We loved Jace's story it was heart felt and heart wrenching for what Jace had to go through as a young child but, regardless he did not let his past define him and he showed us just what he was capable of and that was loving someone with his whole heart something he never learned as a child because his father was nothing but, a cruel and bitter man.
Jace definitely faced trying times but, we truly believe all his trial shaped him into the man he has become.We found Jace to be loving,kind,loyal and deep down truly a good man but, that's not to say he didn't carry around some demons and was a little bit broken too and he could also be dark and dangerous just as the next man.We loved that through loyal friendships he has finally found a family with The Southside Skull and felt for once that it was right where he belonged and was destined to be.
We had to say that Jace had one heck of a colorful life that is for sure but, when he first met Beck for the first time he new he had found his soul mate and the one women he was destined to love and have someone love him in return.
Overall we really enjoyed getting to know Jace more in depth through his story and how as a nomad he made some really powerful friendships with both Wolf and Dax that will lead to him to have some amazing opportunities and the life he always wanted and dreamed and  also he met the women he was born to love.We loved being on Jace's adventure as it was quite the page turner and we loved it from cover to cover and everything in between.
Recommend read to all !

Book Review for Take the Bride: A Knight Brothers Novella

Take the Bride (The Knight Brothers #1.5) - Carly Phillips



This is a first time author for us and we really enjoyed our first read by them.I loved the story from beginning to end it was fun and flirty and sexual and all about righting the wrongs of ones past and all about second chances and hopefully getting that happily ever after that you envisioned as a teenager.


Ryder and Sierra were super hot together and were just one of those couples that just fit and even after years apart they still loved each other with intense passion never forgotten.We loved that they just came apart in others arms time and time again and all it took was one heated look !


Overall we loved this story it was one of those feel good stories and for a novella it was packed with tons of fun and a whole lot of heat.The story had amazing characters and we loved each and every one of them.


Recommended read to all !

Book Review for Becoming the Boss by Hayley Faiman

Becoming the Boss (Zanetti Famiglia Book 1) Kindle Edition - Hayley Faiman



Omg ! Another winner for Hayley Faiman. 

Omg! loved it!

What a way to start a new series.From the very beginning of this story we were hooked.I have to say that this was one of those stories that had you on edge the entire time it was edgy and suspenseful and had your heart going out to Luci time and time again.

This story is not for the faint of heart as Gavino is a complete A- hole in my book.We found him to be possessive and protective,dangerous,brash,insensitive,all about ownership and possession,dominate in all aspects of his life and every now and then we saw he was capable of feeling something and showing kindness but not often.This is a character you love to hate but, you are hoping the love of a good women and loving one in return will make you into a semi decent human being and we kept hoping and praying. Gavvy as Luci calls him is the perfect mob boss but, makes a nightmare for a husband but, one thing is for sure he will do everything in his power to protect what is his even if it means giving his own life.

Luci- Luci was a mafia princess but,she is to soft for the mafia life not only that she hates everything about it but, there's no escaping the life she was born into.My heart went out to this women as her life was a nightmare and she lived a life that every aspect of her life was controlled day in and day out and she is now thrust into the arms of a man who has a dominate personality 24/7.It amazed me with the life she lead so far that she remained sweet, kind ,caring and loving never turning into a bitter women.I think for some they found her to be a weak character and one the cries and whines all the time but, for me I think life has just caught up to her and she has just become and emotional wreck but, we do see a bit of fieriness and disobedience every now and then.We loved her because in her own way she pushed and pushed to be seen something other than a possession. 

Overall we loved this story from cover to cover.The story was heart felt and surprising and exciting and suspenseful and so dark and dangerous and a bit surprising but, one thing for sure is that I am so grateful that I was not born into a mafia family but, Luci was strong enough to fight for what she rightfully deserved and proved that she will make one hell of a regina to a mob boss and men will envy Gavino in every way that he was able to snag and women who is beautiful inside as well as she is on the outside and will be his sunshine in his very dark world.


Book Review for STEALING VENGEANCE by Kaylea Cross

Stealing Vengeance (Vengeance Series Book 1) Kindle Edition - Kaylea Cross



This was another great read by this author.This story was intriguing and suspenseful and had more the a few whopping surprises.
I really enjoyed the characters and I loved Megan and Ty together he was perfect for her loyal & loving and understanding and willing to take her back time and time again no matter the consequences.
I love a story like this as it was fast paced that kept you glued to the pages the entire time.The story also had your heart hurting and heart going out to Megan for what Megan's life is like on a daily basis especially when your life is on the line everyday, looking over your shoulder constantly,not being able to trust a soul ad not wanting to form attachments because of such life and learning that the betrayals started from your childhood just have you hurting even more.
Let's just say the mission is dangerous and only the strongest will survive but, just for a little while it would be nice to love and be loved in return even if your little fantasy only lasts a little while the memories will be forever!
Recommended read to all !
Looking forward to continuing this series!


Book Review for Robby by Jen Davis

Robby (Cooper Construction Book 3) Kindle Edition - Jen Davis




We are really loving this series and characters.We loved Robby and Matt's story as there path was not and easy road due to Matt exploring his sexuality and Robby's past and a whole lot of baby mama drama."We loved it all !"

I loved Robby already from the other stories already but, I loved him even more this time around he was such a love-able soul . Our heart broke for what he had to endure to get through his teens just to survive and the hard choices he had to make but, he rose up from the ashes and made something of himself and created a family full of misfits.I loved how Robby did not let his new life be tainted by the old one and how he remained sweet and kind and not bitter and someone who wallowed in self pity. Robby was my favorite character this round but, I still have a soft spot for Brick .lol

We enjoyed getting to know Matt while he was figuring himself out and how he never put a label on his sexuality just went with the flow and what felt good a right for him.

We loved of course seeing our favorite characters again and seeing them celebrating their new lives with each other and their good fortunes.We love you guys!

Overall the story kept us engrossed and turning the pages.This was one heart felt dark tale but, through Robby and his darkest times and dark days he survived and now he is making a difference to those in need. With your new life and your support and knowledge and your good graces you are making this happen hoping to create a better world.The story also just had enough suspense to spice things up and we loved it and we hope there is more to come in this series.

Recommend read to all and its series!

Book Review for Insolent by TL Smith

Insolent (A Crimson Elite Novel) Kindle Edition - T.L.  Smith


We loved Blue and Darby's story.I have to say this story started out with a bang and a whopping surprise.The story was heart felt and was about creating life and getting to experience your one true wish in life before your times up and by experiencing that wish that you made come true you are breathing life into another that was cold calculated and lonely.

I loved seeing Darby change and grow through this story.We loved seeing him love with his whole heart and  we loved seeing that he had a caring and compassionate side to him because we only saw the brutally honest a hole who was dark and dangerous and only let a select few into his life and circle and the rest of the time acted like a douche.

Favorite character would have to be Blue we loved her from the onset of the story.We loved her vibrant personality and her infectious laughter as she brought life to the story and was a whole lot of fun but, one thing is for sure she is also dealing with heartbreak and regret herself having more in common with Darby then either of them know.

Darby and Blue had some major chemistry and some would say there where fireworks between them which would be true because this couple burned together brightly in and out of bed.

Overall we loved the story from beginning to end.We loved seeing a man who was a workaholic fall in love not once but twice throughout this story.We loved being on this emotional journey with Blue and Darby as the story one minute had you crying the next laughing out loud but, the best part was that you found someone to love you flaws and in spite of them.What Darby considers flaws is what attracts Blue because Blue craves your dark and dangerous and possessive side of Darby and presents a challenge and life will never be dull which is what Blue craves in the first place but, in return she may except your dominance but she will never be tamed .... 
"We loved it and its characters!"

Recommended read to all and we are loving this series!



Book Review for Cry Mercy by Rie Warren

Cry Mercy (Blood Legion MC #1) - Rie Warren



Let's start off by saying this is a first time author for us an we really enjoyed our first read by them.The story was pretty much action packed from beginning to end.

The story had a great cast of MC character's that were loving,kind,protective,loved ribbing and teasing each other but, no doubt we saw the love they had between them as it was all there for those to see.These men were down right dangerous too "so", the perfect mix.

We loved Angel the man went from nailing everything he could to pretty much love at first sight but, he set his sights on one women riddled with a ton of complications.We loved how protective,kind,loving and caring he was toward Mercy from the moment he met her.

Mercy was a women who lived a life of slavery and pain and brutality and yet remained a women who was caring and loving and one who had a sense of humor and one who would give her life just to protective the ones she loved a cared about.Mercy was special because not only did she have Angel wrapped around her little finger she had a entire MC club that came to love her in no time at all.

"Our relationship had been built on danger, survival,death, and . . . limitless hope."

Overall the story had action and suspense from onset to the very end but, it was also one filled with emotion.I enjoyed the story and we are looking forward to the next in this series.

Book Review for Blood and Vows by Bella J.

Blood & Vows (A Twisted Duet, #2) - Bella J.


We loved the conclusion to this well crafted tale.
The story got hotter and more intriguing and one that tore a family apart and pitted brother against brother.The story was also about revenge and love and forgiveness and righting the wrongs of ones past but, most of all it was about protecting all that you love and held dear and showing all just how dangerous and powerful Castello was to his enemies.
Castello was one of those character's that made you uneasy and scared of him constantly and if I am being honest scared the crap out of me and made me shaky but, you had to admire the strength and the power the man commanded.
We saw Tatum grow and blossom into a women who was accepting the demons that she resided her within and one who accepted that Castello was the only man who could give her what she needed to be at peace.Tatum was a lover and pet and sexual slave to Castello and he was master and her owner and lover and protector and the man who loves her and would protect her at all cost and even wage war with the ones who he calls family.
This was one intense dark read and one that was not the normal falling in love kind of story but it is one that was forged out of the depravity and the depths of hell.The story felt real and that you we living in hell with these characters."It felt that real!"
Castello was one of those character's that you could not help be drawn to.One of the things we love most about the man is he accepted who he was and what resided with him and never made excuses for who he is but, loved that fact that he wanted to be a better person and the man he thought Tatum deserved but, In reality Tatum needed him to be actually who he was  all along because that man made her feel safe and protective.
This story took us on one he** of a roller coaster ride and we loved every bit of it.The story kept us engrossed and on edge and turning the pages to the very end yet again.The story was even more intriguing and even had more betrayals and more surprises and a whole lot of secrets that came to life that you never saw coming.
"We love when that happens"

"We loved it!"
This story is not for the faint of heart and for some of you may be thinking how loved blossomed throughout this tragic story but, it was just one of those things that made sense and worked for this couple and that Castello and Tatum were destined to be each other soul mates but, for Castello she was the one who would be saving his soul and his saving grace.
Overall we loved this heart wrenching tale and the ending will have you needing tissues...
Love Loved it !
5 amazing stars


Blood & Lies (A Twisted Duet, #1) - Bella J.



Omg ! Omg ! Omg ! What a fantastic read! This is a brand new author for us and we have to say that this book Duet Blood Lies and Blood Vows moved up to my top favorite read Mafia books for 2019.
I can honestly say I am still reeling from reading this story and its conclusion.Talk about a Dark Sadistic romance read this one was just that.The story was filled with a ton of suspense,bdsm,blood letting,betrayal's sadistic character's and character's with no souls,villains, lies upon lies and it was heart pounding and sick but, through all that chaos the monster who resided within the man found it's mate.I loved the story from cover to cover as sick as it was it was it was so engrossing and page turning because you never new what would happened next because once you thought you had things figured out it turned out there was just more of the unknown.
My heart bleed for Tatum time and time again for what she endured at the hands of the Fattore family but, though it all she remained as brave as she could be.Caught up in a web of lies she was going to pay the ultimate price and that was with her life.
Castello we found him to be one sadistic cold hearted bastard who was darker than dark and his sexual needs were just as dark as he was. Castello was all of these  things and then some but, the man was one with a conscience after all.
Overall this was one super hot read that had amazing cast of character's and the lot of them were a bunch of sick bastards with no morals and no conscience at all not only that showed no loyalty at all to those they were pledged to.Though all the chaos and betrayals a couple had found each other to sooth the demons that resided within them.We loved the well crated tale that had us literally shaking and on edge the entire time and it will not be a story that I will forget reading anytime soon.
5 Amazing times from us

Book Review for The Chase Series: Dom Diaries Anthology by Jax Hart

The Chase Series: Dom Diaries Anthology by Jax Hart - Jax Hart



Let's say's this was one hot read from beginning to end!I have to say that this is a fairly new author to us and we are totally loving everything that they have written so far as they have created so many wonderful characters for us to fall in love with.
Selina and Rafe could be anything but compatible but, their sizzle and chemistry make them work.
We loved the Sassy Selina who was full of fire and determination and she was one strong and independent women who would never be tamed in or out of bed and a women who owns her sexual desires even if she may not want to be known as a dirty girl.
Rafe was bold ,determined,aggressive,a bad boy who was sexy as sin, a bit of a player aka playboy,possessive,protective,a dominate in and out of the bedroom but, also could be sweet and kind and caring when he wanted to be.
Rafe and Selina had some super hot chemistry and were super hot in and out of the sheets.Rafe who is a dom who wants a submissive and Selina may play the submissive part occasionally for him but, she will never make a perfect submissive and will never let a man totally dominate her so let's just saying it made for some interesting goings on in the bedroom and out of it.
Overall we love the chase and that Selena made the playboy work hard to snag her but, it was also a fun courtship if it could even be called that that made us laugh out loud a time or two and we really loved that.The story was fun and had a bit of suspense and a twist that we did not see coming and we loved that Rogue was part of this adventure and for the part he played in it he gave Rafe what he wanted to possessive all along so let's see if he is able to convince and keep it.
A engrossing tale that we loved from cover to cover and we could not put the book down until the very end.Goes into the keeper pile to be read over and over again.
Recommended read to all !