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Book Review for Service and Sacrifice (Borderline Freaks MC Book 1) by MariaLisa deMora

Service and Sacrifice (Borderline Freaks MC Book 1) Kindle Edition - MariaLisa deMora

This was such as an amazing read as it was heartfelt and emotional and makes you realize we should live our life to the fullness each and everyday.

I have to say I felt the pain that Amanda was living with the author made it feel real and you were right along side her experiencing the loss and heartache she was.

Amanda was a character easy to love and it was apparent from the onset of the story deeply in love with her husband and her heartbreak and loss overwhelming at times.

A chance meeting between Alex and Amanda puts both of them on the path of healing and letting go of ones past and moving forward.The courtship of you could call it between this couple was quite endearing and heartfelt and a little bit scary for both of them.

Alex was a character that you could not help but fall in love immediately and him beginning an ex military soldier himself understood her feelings and what she was experiencing with the loss of her husband but, also admired her for her the strength and determination that it takes to love a military man.

A beautiful story and and even more beautiful ending of a story that definitely tugged at the heartstrings of this reader.

Book Review for More Than Enough (Borderline Freaks MC Book 2) by MariaLisa deMora

More Than Enough (Borderline Freaks MC Book 2) Kindle Editio - MariaLisa deMora

Let's start off by saying this is a brand new author for us and we really enjoyed out first read by them and I have to say it is going to take a bit of getting used to the authors writing style but, I have to say that this story was heartfelt and endearing and emotional with flawed characters that feel undeserving.

We loved both the main characters Blade and Jenn from the onset of the story.This couple just clicked for one another right from the onset of their first meeting.

As the story progressed the couple grew closer in a short of amount of time and things starting happening for them at warp speed but, it just worked for them sometime you just know there the one and the chemistry was explosive.

Jenn's character surprised me the most as she was one tough cookie who had this huge heart and was beautiful on the inside as she was out.

Blade was a man struggling with some personal issues where he felt vulnerable and unworthy but, the love of a good women is about to change all that.

The story revolves around a bunch of ex military solider's who found a place in a MC and once again part of a brotherhood.Some of these members struggle more that others but, their feelings and fears are real and when they start to spiral their brothers are to take each others backs.

Overall I have to say we loved it from beginning to end and we are also so loving these characters the are all worming they way into my heart already.

"So loving this series so far !"

Book Reviews for Foolish Riot (Riot MC Book 5) by Karen Renee

Foolish Riot (Riot MC Book 5) Kindle Edition - Karen Renee

"We really loved this latest installment !"
I have to say that this is one of my favorite installments in this series. I absolutely loved these main characters Roll and Trixie.

I always pick a favorite character and mine is going to me Trixie. Trixie was a firecracker and she was also funny and was a tell in like it is kind of gal and she was also bright and funny and a freak in the sheets. "We loved her instantly !" We loved that although Trixie had a rough start in life she did not let it destroyed her it just made her into a strong and independent women and one who doesn't give a crap what others think of her she lives her life just they way she wants to.

Roll was another character easy to love.We found him to be dark and brute -y and sexy as sin and he is a man who has many layers and has many moods but, he is also a man who enjoys no commitments but, there has been only one women to capture his heart and the only one to penetrate some of those layers but ,not enough to give up his freedom.

Trixie and Roll had amazing chemistry and were the perfect fit for one another until they weren't.

Overall we really enjoyed the story as it was funny and engaging and when things heated up and Roll realized he could have lost what he loved most in this world in a blink of an eye it changes a man and makes him realize his fears were no longer and issue it was about winning the girl he always considered his. It reminds me of phase
"Bring it on !"

This story was also filled with tons of great characters that were engaging and funny and it was also filled with a ton of hot alpha men that we couldn't get enough of.We loved Trixie she made us laugh out loud this entire story and that just made us love this story even more.

"This story was totally hot !"

Recommended read to all

Book Review for Enamoured (The Enslaved Duet Book 2) by Giana Darling

Enamoured (The Enslaved Duet Book 2) Kindle Edition - Giana Darling

Wow ! Just Wow! Where to start ? I was on pins and needles the entire time reading this story. Omg ! was this story really good it kept me on edge the entire time I was reading it.The subject matter was dark and intense and the plot engaging and suspenseful and full of twists and turns and emotional pain and was this story and emotional one.I don't know what to say other than that this story drew you right in from the very beginning and kept you there to the very bitter end.This story definitely one that touched on the readers emotions as you felt the pain of these two main characters and their struggles.

Cosima was a character who was beautiful and loving and strong and determined and lost and trying to find her a path in a new life that she created for herself but, one thing she has never been able to conquer is her feelings for her master/husband Alexander and it is only something he can provide for her and her happiness depends on it.

Alexander was one dark and dangerous man but, he was also smart and cunning and Cosmia is the only person who has ever made him feel anything close to being human and he will do everything and anything to protect her and own her body and soul to the bitter end. If I am being honest this man scared that crap out of me.

Overall we loved the story from being to end.The story had amazing characters and there was never a dull moment.The story was very dark and intense and not one for the faint of heart and one for only the open minded because it is very dark and the bdsm to the extreme that is full of pleasure and pain and only one a master and slave will ever understand the depths of emotions and pleasures this kind of relationship brings but, it is one that both parties need to embrace the dark in order to be happy. Cosmia life will be always be controlled by Alexander and his dominate nature and as she is carving out a new life for herself through sheer work determination she needs to make a choice to place herself fully in the hands of the dark and dangerous lord because once she does she will be forever owned and nothing but death with ever separate them again.....

One Enthralling read and Miss Darling is a master storyteller for sure and we have thoroughly enjoyed everything we and read from her so far and this story yet, again an was and amazing read for us !

Book Review for Hitching the Cowboy: An Accidental Marriage Romance (Circle B Ranch) byKennedy Fox

Hitching the Cowboy: An Accidental Marriage Romance (Circle B Ranch Book 1) Kindle Edition - Kennedy Fox

Let's start off by saying this is a brand new author for us and we really enjoyed out first read by them.

We really enjoyed the story it had a cute plot and it was loaded with humor and the entire story had a great bunch of characters.

Riley we loved instantly from being introduced to him as he was sexy and funny and I love how close he was to his family and how protective he was of his sister but, most of all we loved that he had know problem putting his feeling out their and being a little bit vulnerable.

Zoey was one of those characters you had to warm up to its not that she wasn't personable because she was funny and could be out going but, she had a problem standing up for herself and we new she had it in her to be strong and take what she whats but, when push comes to shove will she cave or find the happiness she deserves."Because of this we kept seeing a trail of broken hearts and heartache in this couple future."

We loved the chemistry these two had it was clear they were meant for one another but, it was going to take more than one of them to fight for the future they could have.

Overall we found the story to be cute and entertaining had a great cast of characters and we loved the usual courtship where one tries to woo the women they are already married to as it made us smile throughout the entire story as some of the scenes were cute and endearing. A great light read and we are so looking forward to Rowan and Diesel's story.

Book Review for Hawk by Jessie Cooke

Hawk: Skulls The Early Years (Skulls MC Romance Book 27) Kindle Edition - Jessie Cooke

Wow ! Ms. Cooke does it again what a fantastic read.We loved Hawk's story from beginning to end.I am so glad we got to hear Hawk's story as he was one of the most elusive members of the series who kept himself and his life outside private.

We loved Hawk in this story and you could say even that he was a bit of a hero for all the sacrifices that he made for his club and for all those he loved.I loved the fact that we saw a totally different side of Hawk this time around we saw him and a protector and provider and deep down a man capable of loving with his whole heart even if it was broken a time or too.

There was know doubt that Hawk could be dark and dangerous but, he was capable of so much more and we are just wondering if just one of the women he loved suck around his life might have been so much different.

We found Hawk to be smart and cunning as well and if Doc Marshall was not in charge he would have no problem seeing to that club of his in his own right.I got to say we never realized the extent Hawk went to too protect Doc Marshall and his club making great sacrifices to himself while pretty boy Marshall just skated through life while everybody else paid the price for all of his bad choices.

Overall we just loved the story from cover it was intriguing and heartfelt and we loved seeing that Hawk although down right dangerous was capable of compassion and forgiveness and we just loved his protectiveness of those he loved.Despite the life he lead he did have people he loved and loved him back.Hawk's story was not all hearts and flowers and it was a bit dark but, one thing was sure the darkness that he carried within him never consumed him or it.

I think we have not heard the last of Hawk as I am waiting to see what impact he has on Lion's life and that of the mysterious daughter of his...

5 amazing stars from us

Book Review for Primal Need by Piper Davenport

Primal Need (Primal Howlers MC Book 2) Kindle Edition - Piper Davenport

First off let us start off my saying that we love the cover and we really loved this current story.

This story was fun and intriguing and had a cast of amazing characters that we could not help but love them all.Once we started reading we were engrossed in the story to the very end and we could not put it down.

Wyatt we loved her from the onset of the story with her quick whit and vibrant personality which was a tell it like it is kind of girl and she was also a sexy and strong character even though she likes to play things safe but, that all changed the minute an arrogant biker decided to woo her.

Sundance Hum....that man was a whole lot of alpha and crude,arrogant and bit of and a-hole but, we have to say falling for a strong independent women had him toning things down and bit and we could help but love the sexy beast of the man ourselves.

The chemistry between these two was totally hot and sexy and the sex scenes definitely fan worthy."Smokin Hot"

I loved the plot and Wyatt and the way she cared for and love her brother aka Teddy Bear who had disabilities and we love how he captured hearts where ever he went.

Overall a really loved this story as it made us laugh out loud the entire story and had a bit of suspense and betrayals and lets not forget it had a awesome cast of characters and that love was found in the most usual of places and it was a love story that was paved with a lot of bumps in the road and a whole lot of groveling .... lol

We have so say that this story had one of my favorite endings.This story was also one that you were still thinking about days later and when it is still on your mind days later that for me just makes this one fantastic read for us !

Book Review for Twist of Fate (Heart breaker Bay, #8.5) by Jill Shalvis

Twist of Fate (Heartbreaker Bay #8.5) - Jill Shalvis

Let's start off by saying that Ms. Shalvis is one of my favorite contemporary authors we really enjoying reading her books.

This was a cute second chance story with really great characters and I thought that Rocco and Tyler were downright hilarious.

This overall was a light enjoyable read all about second chances and starting over with the one you fell in love with all those years ago and have never forgotten.

Daisy was one of those characters who was strong and independent and loved the job she did but, clearly missing something out of life.

Diego was one of those man who carried around a lot of anger and hate and unresolved feelings as he felt both of the people who were supposed to love him betrayed him and it is something that he just never got over.The sexy and sin bad boy was about to get played ! lol

We have to say that we loved the plot as it was actually quite funny but, we just felt something was missing ,perhaps is was that wow factor for us that was missing that would have had us remembering this story for days to come. I thought that Tyler was the most interesting character of the bunch'

3.5 stars from us

Book Review for Gus by L. Wilder

Gus: Satan's Fury MC- Memphis (Satan's Fury MC-Memphis Book 6) Kindle Edition - L. Wilder
Another winner in this on going series!
I loved this story from cover to cover and it was so easy to fall in love with these characters from the very beginning.
Gus is a guy who is easy to love.He is very protective of those he loves,sexy as sin and all alpha,dangerous and he made us laugh and time or two but, he is also one once he has given his heart away to the one he loves above all else is for life.
Samantha was beautiful and sweet and kind and loving and of a free spirit at heart and one to once given her heart to the man she loves its for a lifetime to.
This story was filled with a lot of ups and downs and more than a few surprises that kept you glued to the pages the entire time.The story was also filled with angst and heartache and blackmail and also sacrifices.My heart ached for this couple as you new they were doomed from their very beginning but, deep down they were soulmates for one another but, another would never let them be.
Overall this was a really emotional tale and where fate works in mysterious ways in order to reunite a couple who should never have been apart.Samantha and Gus had awesome chemistry and were hot as heck together.We loved all the characters as some made us laugh and others made us cry a time or too but, we can't help love them all there totally love-able.
I love a story when a love stands the test of time and it was so true for this couple.
"This was a downright heart melting read for us!"  

Book Review Drop a Gear and Disappear by winter Travers

Drop a Gear and Disappear (Kings of Vengeance MC #1) - Winter Travers
Let's start off by saying we always enjoyed reading this author and we are very excited to dive into this brand new series and we have to say we are so loving this one.
Quinn was your typical biker all alpha and possessive and is sexy as sin and is so in love with his women he will do anything to protect her.
Kimber-We found her to be a bit of a firecracker and one who was funny and sexy and had just enough attitude to handle her sexy alpha biker and keep him in line and in lust.
Quinn has found out that the club he was prospecting for is not at all he dreamed it was and when it was a choice between his club and Kimber guess which one he picked ?
Overall we loved the story from cover to cover .We really loved Quinn and Kimber right from the onset of the story as they made they perfect couple and they had some really hot chemistry that lead to a lot of hot and sexy scene's.
We loved that right from the start of the story that it started off  with a bang and it got more and more intriguing and more intense as the story progresses.
I have to say we loved getting to know all the other character's as well and all those who have become Quinn's saving graces as they were funny and dangerous and playful but, also deadly as sin and when the moment arrives protecting what belongs to them becomes a reality and it's vengeance be damn .We are so looking forward to the other brothers and their stories as we have already developed a bit of a soft spot for Dyno already.
"We loved it !"
We are so looking forward to the next book in this series....

Book Review for Lean Into It by Winter Travers

Lean Into It (Kings of Vengeance MC Book 2) Kindle Edition - Winter Travers
This new series is off to a great start and we are so loving its characters as their funny and engaging and some down right dangerous and all about the alpha-ness.
Fancy was a character that you could not help but love right from the onset of the story as she was funny and a little looney and one of those tell it all like kind of bitches and is all about acting on impulse whether good or bad.Fancy is also about finding the perfect man and somewhat of a serial dater.
You have to love when Kimber and Fancy get together these two are so crazy together they make you constantly laugh.
Dyno was  one of those characters that you were already half way in love with already from book one and we loved him even more and book two. Dyno was a totally bad boy in every way and a girls wet dream fantasy come to life he was also all alpha, possessive,protective and had a uncanny sense of humor that had us laughing out loud a lot throughout the book.
Dyno and Fancy together were explosive and their chemistry hot as hell and I thought Dyno was the perfect person to take Fancy out of her comfort zone and make her take chances and enjoy life to the fullness  and also make sure she was going to fall for a bad boy and not some suck up suit.
Overall we loved the story as it had an engaging plot was funny and had amazing characters that we are already falling in love with these characters and can't wait for their own stories to come.One of things that was intriguing about this plot is that it is a continuing one but, not a cliffhanger its one where repercussions are reoccurring from justice dealt out from book one.
"This was one hot and funny read and we loved it!"

BISHOP'S QUEEN by Katie Reus Release

Bishop's Queen (Endgame trilogy Book 2) Kindle Edition - Katie Reus
This was a really great story from beginning to end.I loved the main characters from the onset of the story Evan and Isla.
The story was filled with intrigue and suspense the entire time and kept you turning the pages to the very end.The story started off with a bang and a whole lot of heartache and sadness.
Evan was a man swimming in guilt and heartache and the misery of his own making. Isla was suffering from the loss of both Evan and her fathers death and unbelievable heartache from the loss of her man.
This was one emotional tale and Evan and Isla tried to find their way back to one another.The mystery surrounding them is not helping the situation but, it gives Evan the in to wright the wrongs he did to the women he love most of all.
It was clearly evident that these two belonged together and their chemistry was off the charts but, one thing for sure that were destined for one another.This couple were totally hot together and their love for one another quite endearing.
This story had a great cast of characters and we loved them all.We really love it when you get to connect with the characters you are reading about and we did just that.I am really enjoying this series and can't wait to read the next in the series.
Overall this was a great romantic suspense read for us.

Book Review for Bleed for Her by RB Hilliard

Bleed For Her (Steele Raiders MC) Kindle Edition - RB Hilliard
Let's start off by saying this is a first time author for us and we really enjoyed our first read by them.
This story started right off with a bang and preceded to be action packed and intriguing to the very end.
Reyn was a character who was fun,sassy,a little bit broken but, also a women who suffered so much pain it made her into a strong and independent women but, also one who has closed off her heart and its going to take an amazing man who is up to the challenge to break those walls down she as built around her. 
Buck was a character you fell instantly in love with .We loved his protective instincts and brawn and how he showed us his softer side but, we also saw just how deadly he could be but, the perfect match for Reyn in every way.
Reyn and Buck's chemistry was off the charts from the moment they meet again they were both drawn to each other life a moth to a flame. "Smokin hot together !"
What we loved most of all we saw both of these characters evolved Reyn even more so as Reyn actually started healing from her past and was becoming more and more the women Buck used to know.
We loved the plot as it kept you interested and intrigued and was a bit of a mystery to the very end.We also loved the characters and we are so looking forward to getting to know them better next time around.
Recommend read to all !

Book Review for Every Little Thing: MC Romance (Bayou Devils MC Book 7) by A.M. Myers

Every Little Thing (Bayou Devils MC #7) - A.M. Myers

I have to say that this is a brand new author for us and we really enjoyed our first read by them.

This story is about a love that stood the test of time and it was also emotional and heartfelt and one of letting your fears overcome your life so much that you threw it all away to only then live a half of life.

Wyatt is just coasting through life heart broken lonely but, he comes to the conclusion that he needs to put the past behind him and start looking to the future that he has so badly wanted that included a wife and kids.I have to say that Wyatt's first dip into the dating pool was down right funny and "oh", so depressing and his prospects aren't looking good.

Let's just say he made us laugh a time or too lol.....

 Wyatt is the love of Piper's life but, and she threw it all away in a moment of panic and  fear but, she too has decided to pursue her dreams of her having a family and with no man in the picture she is looking at all her options.We have to say that we loved Piper's outlandish and meddling friend as she was down right hilarious at times.

I loved both characters as they were easy to love and I have to say that I wanted to smack Wyatt upside the head more than a few times for letting all of his own insecurities get the best of him and ruining his second chance at being happy once again.

I loved the chemistry that Piper and Wyatt had together and when they were together you could feel the love and chemistry just rolling off them and a couple to be envious of.

What happens when a sinister plot and the interference of other threatens to take all that you have rediscovered again away?Time will tell but, Wyatt has more to protect his time around and he needs to call upon his brothers to do just that .

I have to say that although I came into the middle of this series and need to go back to the beginning as we are so loving these characters as they were fun and engaging and are men who will be giving each other a kick in the pants when one needs it.

I love when it is easy to connect with the characters you are reading about so readily as from the moment we met Piper and Wyatt we new they were soulmates and were destined to be together and we were rooting for their happily ever after right from the very beginning but, new that their path somehow would ever be easy but, we loved being on that journey right along with them.

Overall we loved it cover to cover and are so looking forward to reading more of this series.We love second chance romance reads and a love that stands the test of time and we love when one is given that chance to right the wrongs of ones past and make those dreams you dreamed years ago become a reality.

"This was my kind of read !"

Book Review Taming My Whiskey by Melissa Foster

Taming My Whiskey (The Whiskeys: Dark Knights at Peaceful Harbor #6) - Melissa Foster
This was one fantastic read and we loved the story to beginning to end as it made us laugh out loud and even made you cry.
This series is simply amazing as you can't help but love the entire cast of characters and the Whiskey's are definitely one of my favorite families of all time.
We absolutely loved Dixie that girl was hell on wheels as well and smart,driven,full of sass and beautiful on the inside as she was out.
Jace was one of those sexy bad boys and sexy as sin,driven,wealthy,all bad boy, a total alpha and take me as I am kind of man and makes no excuses for the life he leads but, he is also a man of likes the open road and no commitments but, after giving into his feelings for Dixie Whiskey  she is the only one to get under his skin and he can't seem to shake her.
I loved that Dixie finally made a stand to get out from under the thumbs of those sexy as sin and overbearing protective brothers of  her's as it took some major guts on her part.
This story was also the kind that had you smiling throughout the entire story whether it was the antics of her brothers or Jace dealing with being turned inside out.
The chemistry between Jace and Dixie was hotter than hell and the only thing I kept thinking is that is one lucky girl.
Overall this is just of those story you didn't want to end as the characters of amazing and funny but, also the story was heartfelt and emotional and you loved seeing and feeling the love this huge ass family had for one another and had you wishing you were part of it.
Recommended read to all and a series not to be missed.

Book Review for Rock Star SC Daiko

ROCK STAR Kindle Edition - SC Daiko
This was a cute story that had great characters they were the kind that were easy to love right from the very beginning of the story.
I found Axel to be sincere in the way he was changing being involved with Phoenix she was making him a better man.We saw a different side of him when he was with her than the public or his band mates saw but, love and friendship alone are not enough to keep the demons at bay and  he may truly lose all that he has truly found.
Phoenix was one of those characters that was just so sweet and innocent and had a lot on her plate but, when the opportunity knocks she peruses her dreams.We loved the chemistry she had with Axel it was the sweet kind not the explosive kind but, no matter where they were together there were always sparks in the air.
Overall it was a cute story one filled with sadness and addictions and secret romances.We absolutely loved the characters in this one as they were fun and engaging and all sexy as sin.We also loved the sweet friendship that developed between Axel and Phoenix before they fell in love as I got the impression that they were both a little bit lonely and that was one of the reasons that they were so drawn to one another in the first place.
"This one was a hit with us !"