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Vampire Forgotten (Vampires Destined)

Vampire Forgotten - Rachel Carrington Vampire Forgotten (Vampires Destined #2by Rachel Carrington 5 stars Vampires Destined SeriesThree vampires. Separate destinies. All desiring a woman to love them for who they are not what they are.Three vampires. Separate destinies. All desiring a woman to love them for who they are not what they are.ALL TITLES ARE STANDALONE AND DO NOT NEED TO BE READ IN ANY ORDER.Vampire ForgottenBook IIForgotten in the mountains of Romania. Forced to live a life he didn’t choose. Suffering the daily pain of loneliness. Spending an eternity without the touch of a woman’s hand.Though damned as a vampire, Rhad Valentine has been given what some might call the gift of psychic sight. He sees it as a constant reminder of real life going on without him—a life he cannot live.Mischa Bonovich is on a desperate mission to find her missing sister, Rianna. Led to the mountains of her homeland by the faint call of Rianna’s voice, Mischa needs Rhad’s gift and his strength.Wild hunger, both foreign and welcome, drives Rhad to his knees. He’d never held a woman so soft. Kissed one so responsive. And in spite of his inner protests, he’ll do anything to help her. Anything to feel just one more touch of her hand.In the dark forests of Romania, Rhad’s desire won’t be quenched until he tastes what only Mischa can offer, but first, he must save her from a man who has nothing to lose. A man who holds a deadly secret that could tear Mischa from Rhad’s arms before love can happen.My Thoughts and ReviewWow ! After reading Vampire Cursed I was so looking forward to the next in the series. I just love to read about sexy vampires.I loved it. For me it was a different kind of vampire story not like the others.Mischa to plans to go to Romania to find her missing sister she thinks a Vampire named Rhad has done something sinister to her sister.But, fate intervenes and she ends up on his door step half frozen and practically nude in nothing but a slip.Rhad is a vampire who has visions of things to come and he saw Mischa coming but, was shocked when encountering the real girl he has been dreaming about.The two get off to a rocky start as Mischa is distrustful and also believes the worse about vampires but, she cannot ignore the sparks the fly between them when they are together and is almost and overwhelming feeling.The two set out on a adventure together getting to know one another forming and bond and learning to trust. Mischa has no idea someone is seeking her and she is in danger she thinks she is just there to find her missing sister.Danger lurks !Rhad knows that after being with Mischa that she is the one who he needs to share his lonely life with he just needs to get her to see the real him and not the vampire only.You learn in more detail about Rhad and about his torturous dreams he never wanted this life but, this is what he has and he is living it on his own terms.As the story unfolds you learn that there destinies cross and are linked with the past.The story overall was and enjoyable read for me.Mischa had me laughing quite a few times in her conversations with Rhad she had quick whit and some really good come backs had me laughing out loud.The characters were like-able and having a shaman for a grandfather was a nice touch something out of the ordinary.Rhad's character had you feeling his pain and loneliness hoping that Mischa is the one who will heal him and give him a bright future he so deserves. I was rooting for him in the back of my mind.The adventure wasn't wrought with much danger as many stories have but this story flowed in a different way making that okay. My only thought that I found that I missed as these books are stand alone ones is a Epilogue I would have liked to have seen a peek into there future of the two of them...A Recommended Read although there are other mixed reviews by others I loved it. Rachel Carrington is on my list of authors to read..........