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Book Review for Legend's Promise by Dani Jace

Legend's Promise (A Legends of Dare Novella #1) - Dani Jace
Book Title: Legend's Promise 
Author: Dani Jace 
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Erotica 
Release Date: February 25, 2017 
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book blurb

Hawk shifter, and bad-boy biker, Shane Cheveyo spent years trying to outride his secret life and memories of his first love, who left without a word. Rekindled passion reveals their true magical natures, but will it save them or separate their destinies forever…
She gripped the counter behind her. He’d never believed the bit about her mom changing jobs. If she revealed the real reason they’d left Manteo, he’d think her insane. “I’d never betray you, Shane.” Her words spilled out, sounding breathless.
The back of his knees hit the chair, skidding it backward. It tipped over as he closed in on her like a predator. His eyes darkened to molten caramel as his nostrils flared. Over two hundred pounds of sinewy muscles trapped her against the counter while large hands rested at her lower back.
Stunned, she froze. Anger and passion mixed. The pungent aroma of whiskey wafted from masculine lips hovering inches from hers.
In mocked defiance, she raised her chin. The act forced him to pause, but only for a second, before claiming her mouth.
Branding her.
As he had when she was sixteen.
Freewill gone, she melted into his hard embrace and prodding erection. His tongue swept past her teeth with hunger as he lifted her onto the counter.
“God, Chey.” He hissed, squeezing her ass, making her wet with need.
His hands roved under her skirt, skimming the tops of her thighs until his fingers caught the band of her silk thong. Like a hunter, he shredded the flimsy barrier.
Her head fell back in surrender as her hips bucked forward. Far better than whiskey, his touch drugged her, weakened her defenses. Nothing had changed. 
What and enjoyable light and fun read.This story had interesting characters as well as a few plot twists.

I enjoyed how the author made Shane and MC member along with being a man that had a Native American ancestry with tribal traditions.That was something different that I liked as I have not come across a character like Shane before. I loved the chemistry that Shane and Chey had it made for some really playful and sexy scenes to read about.I loved how this couple love survived even with being 10 years apart.I found the characters to be playful they both had a sense of humor , had protective natures , and big loving hearts and were all around like-able character's .I loved seeing them embracing their traditions and legends of their tribe.

I love reading a story where love stands the test of time.  It makes for a really enjoyable love story that had secrets coming to life with that added bit of danger that added the suspense that the story needed to make it and enjoyable read to pass the time.

This was a first time author for us and we would love to continue the series and see where Jim's story leads us.I defiantly enjoyed the sparks that this couple created together.

4 stars from us !
meet the author
Dani Jace lives in coastal Virginia and enjoys writing headstrong, flip-flop casual heroines and everyday heroes who work with their hands―and other body parts. Claiming the Outer Banks of North Carolina as her second home, she includes the scenic and legendary chain of barrier islands as a setting for many of her tales.
When not working on her next novel, she’s dipping her toes in the ocean, reading or checking out the newest action flick. Her husband, son and many imaginary characters make life complete.
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